We Love Greek Yogurt

This week, we love Greek Yogurt. For breakfast, a mid-afternoon snack or even as a dessert, this creamy and super nutritious snack is one of our trusted go-to foods.

Greek yogurt has a tangier and richer texture than most other yogurts. Sorry Dannon and Yoplait, but when it comes to nutrition, Greek yogurt has you beat. With 15 to 20 grams of protein, 25% of your calcium needs, immune-boosting live bacteria and 120 to 150 calories per serving, it is no wonder that Greek yogurt has become a staple food for health devotees and nutrition connoisseurs.

Greek yogurt has a heaven-sent texture of being super rich and yet also light and fluffy at the same time. The most popular brands are FAGE (pronounced “fa-yeh”) and Oikos, but specialty stores like Trader Joe’s have their own brands as well. Most varieties come in full-fat, reduced-fat and fat-free versions. Trust us: They are all divinely decadent!

While the possibilities of eating Greek Yogurt are endless, we like ours best topped with crushed almonds, fresh berries and drizzled with honey.

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