Work it Off: Burn Off 672 Calories from 3 Slices of Pizza

This past week I organized a viewing party for the Olympics. On the menu that evening: Pizza. Regular pizza nights have become a tradition in my house over the last year, ever since acquiring a pizza stone that helps the crusts of our pies bake evenly and all the way through. Each gathering is a bit of a potluck—guests bring toppings for a pie, or a salad, beverage, or dessert.


We were all glued to the TV during Shaun White’s time on the half-pipe—and his ultimate defeat—but it was really the pizzas that stole the show that night. We had fresh pineapple and prosciutto, roasted cauliflower and caramelized onion, and even a bacon-apple-rosemary pie. I had a big slice of each one, which seemed like a good idea in the moment. (An hour later, I was still in the same place on the couch.)

The pizza was good, but it came at a cost of around 224 calories a slice, or 672 calories for 3 slices. Yikes! That was definitely more of a meal than I’d been hoping for.

What were my options for burning of the 672 calories of pizza I consumed?

I could have made like Shaun White and snowboarded for 81 minutes.



I could have spent 3 hours and 8 minutes cleaning up after my guests left:



Or I could have run on the treadmill for 56 minutes.



I wound up doing none of these—heading to bed instead of burning anything off. Oops! There’s always next time!


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