Work it Off: Burn off the 330 Calories in a Cinnamon Roll

For the people of Portland, OR, this past Friday was a snow day. We received 5 or so inches of snow—more than has fallen on the city in the past several years—which effectively shut down schools, businesses, transportation, and more. However here’s a sad truth: Freelancers don’t get snow days. We’re like the postal service: Rain, snow, sleet, flu… we’re prepared to stamp our timecards and get the job done. And there was a job to be done: The Biggest Loser season 15 grand finale had taken place earlier in the week and our site was still flooded with traffic from people interested in hearing what the trainers had to say about the whole debacle. To make the day a little sweeter I decided to start my morning with a cinnamon roll. Not a monstrous Cinnabon-style treat. Just a small pastry from a neighborhood bakery.
cinnamon roll

My neighbors might be skiing around the block (seriously) and sledding down their sloped driveways, but I was enjoying a little of the white stuff (frosting!) too. According to my calculations, this treat weighs in at around 330 calories. What were my options to these off?

I could cross-country ski for 33 minutes.

xcountry ski

I could sled for 40 minutes.

I could shovel snow for 46 minutes.

snow shovel

I wound up shoveling snow. And somehow it was a lot more fun than it sounds!

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