12 Ways to Add Some Excitement to Your Eggs


By Team Best Life

Need a quick and healthy meal? Crack open some eggs. Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein, with about 6.5 grams of protein per large egg. And the yolk contains the antioxidants that protect the eyes as well as choline, a nutrient crucial for healthy brain function. (One egg a day is safe for most people; the cholesterol in eggs doesn’t seem to affect blood cholesterol as much as saturated fat.)

Ready to get cracking? Here are 12 ways to enjoy eggs:

1. Snack on it. Hardboiled eggs are filling thanks to the satiating protein found in the whites.  And you can’t beat the automatic portion control: A single egg contains just 70 to 80 calories. Pair one with baby carrots and hummus for a filling snack.

2. Whip up an omelet. Start your day with a veggie-filled omelet to knock off a serving or two of vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, broccoli, onions, mushrooms and leafy greens are just a few of the options. Try this spicy omelet recipe.

3. Add it to salads. Top a green salad with a chopped hardboiled egg. To get an easy-to-peel egg every time, place eggs in a single layer in a pot and cover with cool water. Once water begins to boil, remove pot from heat; cover and let set for 12 or 13 minutes. Rinse with cool water and enjoy.

4. Wrap it up. Studies show that people who eat eggs in the morning tend to eat fewer calories during the day compared to those who eat other dishes. Add an English muffin or wrap to make a sandwich or burrito, as in this recipe, to get more fiber.

5. Create a quiche. You can enjoy this dish all day long—for breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner. Sneak in some veggies like spinach to add more nutrients and fiber. This is one of our favorite quiche recipes.

6. Be traditional. Eggs Benedict is normally a decadent dish with its creamy Hollandaise sauce. Try this lightened-up version to stay within your calorie budget.

7. Make a pie. A pizza pie, that is. You’ll love this creative spin on eggs: Scrambled Egg Pizza.

8. Cook a frittata. Similar to a quiche but without a crust, a frittata is another tasty egg dish that allows for plenty of vegetable add-ons, like this Asparagus Red Pepper Potato Frittata.

9. Mix it into smoothies. Raw egg whites are an easy way to pump up the protein in your morning smoothie. Products like Better’n Eggs (egg whites with food coloring and added vitamins) and AllWhites are pasteurized, so it’s totally safe.

10. Sandwich it. Love egg salad but want a slimmed down substitute? Use more egg whites than yolks (a 2-to-1 ratio is good) and try a combo of low-fat mayo and yogurt.

11. Mash it. Mash your hardboiled egg with a little bit of olive oil and, if you’d like, sprinkle with oregano, thyme or another herb of your choice. It’s a healthier substitute for mayo that makes a delicious pita filler, along with sliced tomatoes.

12. Bolster your stir-fry.  Add protein to your vegetable stir-fries with strips of cooked omelet or by just mixing in egg whites directly, as in this healthy kale recipe.


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