4 Tips to Prepare for Working Out in Spring Weather

When we think of spring, we usually think of blooming flowers, birds chirping and crisp, sunny weather, which gets us itching to take our workouts outdoors. In actuality, Spring is often full of unpredictable, and not always pleasant weather. While one day may be full of gorgeous spring sunshine, the next may bring a bout of rain, or even a few dumps of snow. Don’t let that keep in your indoors, however. With a little prep and planning, you’ll be ready to run no matter what the weatherman says.

Lighten your layers.
Layers are essential for outdoor runs, and in spring you can switch to lighter jackets and hoodies, or even just an extra long sleeved tee. Make sure your layers are waterproof for those April showers, and you may even want to consider waterproof pants as well, which will completely protect you from the elements without weighing you down with heavy winter outerwear.

Plan ahead
Check the weather before you set out, and consider having separate bags or designated gear depending on the forecast. Take extra layers with you, or leave backup tops and pants in your car so if you are forgetful. Also consider having extra socks if puddles soak the ones you’re wearing, and no matter what is, or isn’t falling from the sky, pack a bottle of water and a healthy snack for pre- or post- workout fuel.

Don’t forget the extras
It’s easy to remember the essentials, like your shoes or a coat, but there are a few other details that can make your workout more comfortable. Sunglasses can shield your eyes from both cold winds and shining sun all at the same time. Again, dry socks are must, and bring a plastic grocery bag or garbage bag to hold your wet and muddy gear so you don’t gunk up your car. If ice is a big issue in your area, invest in a pair of ice grippers, like YakTrax, that easily slip on over your shoes, and create lots of traction so you don’t slip or slide.

Take care of your gear
Remembering your spring gear is one thing, but to make it last, you have to take care of it. take care of your spring fitness investments so that they last. If your shoes or clothing are wet or muddy, Rinse or wipe your muddy, wet clothes and let them dry in a well-ventilated area so they won’t mold or mildew and protect anything waterproof from scratches and abrasions as much as possible to preserve the waterproof coating.

Spring may present unpredictable weather, complete with puddles, slush and snow, but being prepared for the elements, whatever they may be, will make your outdoor spring workouts comfortable so you can enjoy your change of scenery.

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