5 Must Do Yoga Poses to Get in Shape for Spring

More sunlight in the evening means the days are getting warmer and your pants are getting shorter. Spring is right around the corner, and soon we will reunite with our scant summer clothes whether we like it or not.

If you have been hiding your unused arms and legs under layers of bulky winter clothes, breaking out the tank tops and bikini bottoms will feel like a shock to your system. To give your muscles a much-needed wake up call, the following five yoga poses are a must for springing into action and shedding excess layers of all kinds.


An overall great pose to sculpt your shoulders and triceps and firm up your core, plank pose works wonders to whip your body into shape for spring. Build a solid foundation from your feet (or knees) to the palms of your hands by engaging all of the muscles between your hips and your ribs. Take several deep breaths in plank while imaging your spine lengthening and your entire body strengthening. Hold for up to one minute and repeat up to three times throughout the day.

Warrior II

A hip opener plus a gluteal firmer and thigh shaper, warrior II proves to be one of the best lower body yoga poses you can do to get the results you want. To increase the intensity of your warrior II pose, straighten and then bend your forward leg up to ten times per side, sinking just a bit deeper each time. Be sure and keep your knee stacked over your ankle and lower your thigh no further than parallel to the floor.

Boat Pose

Nothing will rock your abs more than boat pose. This powerful yoga pose will indeed bring your body out of its lazy winter mode and kick-start it back into fully enjoying shorts and t-shirt weather. By practicing boat pose you will say goodbye to winter’s jelly-belly and say hello to spring’s strong, lean and powerful core. Hold boat pose for up to one minute, once or twice per day.

Flying Locust

Give your rear end a lift and strengthen your back all at the same time by doing flying locust pose. For a challenge, bring both arms forward (instead of by your sides) and lift your upper body and both legs. Repeat while lifting and lowering for one breath each, then after ten to fifteen repetitions, hold the pose for up to thirty seconds.

Side Bends

Some experts may argue that stretching really doesn’t spot reduce, and while they are somewhat correct, a little bit of stretching does go a long way in terms of adding to your efforts. A flexible body stands taller and looks leaner, plus it burns a few extra calories to have an erect posture versus slouching. Take a few moments to tip your upper body from side to side with your arms overhead and give your waistline a stretch. You will instantly look and feel slimmer.

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