Americans Have Overly Optimistic View of Their Nutritional Wellbeing HealthiNation Study Reveals

To coincide with the American Dietetic Association’s National Nutrition Month, HealthiNation commissioned a study by ORC International: CARAVAN revealing that Americans have an overly optimistic view of their own nutritional wellbeing.  The findings of the national phone survey of 1,000 U.S. adults suggest that when it comes to nutrition, Americans’ perceptions do not match reality.

A majority of adults (52%) think that they are doing all they can do to achieve a balanced nutritional diet and almost two-thirds of adults (63%) believe they have a solid understanding of the basics of nutrition.  Yet, 76% of adults are not getting the minimum daily serving of fruits and vegetables as recommended by the USDA. On average, adults eat fewer than three servings (defined as ½ cup portions) of fruits and vegetables a day combined. Why the discrepancy and how can we educate without information overload?

Seeing the issues that stem from poor nutrition, HealthiNation is introducing a slate of new nutrition and wellness TV and web programs that deliver information in an accessible and engaging format starting today. The collection of programming covers basic nutrition 101 education segments to fun and informative reality series, providing recipes and real takeaways for viewers of all ages, including tools and tips that will help them and their families make healthier choices in their own homes.

“Good nutrition is a key aspect to healthy living,” said Dr. Holly Atkinson, Chief Medical Officer, HealthiNation. “But as we can see from our national survey, people have a long way to go in achieving a healthful diet. We think education is a critical component to taking action and we believe there is real potential to inspire people to make healthier choices when they have the right tools.”

Starting today and over the next several months, HealthiNation will debut new wellness shows including:

  • “The Essentials”: An upbeat educational series that cracks the code and gives the real deal surrounding the vitamins, nutrients and compounds contained in the foods we eat. First episodes cover Carbohydrates, Chocolate, Coffee, Fats, Fish, Protein, Salts, Soy, Vitamin D and Water.
  • “Simple Smoothies”: This series mixes up smoothies for all types of people and situations.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, looking for post-workout fuel, a high fiber meal or a way to incorporate more veggies into your diet, this series gives you the recipes and background on what works.
  • “Kitchen Crashers”: A reality-style “nutrition makeover” series in which a HealthiNation nutritionist crashes the junk food party and shows real families how to incorporate healthier food into their lives.  This is a lighthearted series that is all about the positive benefits of healthy shopping, cooking and eating.
  • “Babyhood Basics”: This series focuses on topics for infants including feeding issues, essential products for new moms, and emotional support.

In addition to, viewers can watch HealthiNation’s programs on partner sites across the web and cable provider partners that reach 40 million unique users and 32 million television households.

Where do you think you fall on the spectrum? Are you aware of your own nutritional well-being?

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