Basketball Games To Play as a Family

It’s here: March Madness is taking over, and who among us doesn’t entertain a thought of playing basketball just like the pros? Basketball is a great sport that promotes hand/eye coordination, speed, agility and teamwork.  Why not plan a family activity night that includes some of these great games – challenge your kids to a hoop showdown!

H.O.R.S.E – One player takes the shot of her choice; if she makes it, the other players must shoot in exactly the same manner and from the same location. If the player misses the shot, he receives a letter of the word “horse”; if he makes it, players continue on without a letter. The first player to spell the entire word HORSE is the loser.

Around the World – Pick locations on the court for players to shoot from; the first player to make shots from each of the spots wins. If someone misses a shot, they are out and the game continues until a player makes all shots.

Hot Tamale – This game really focuses on passing skills and hand-eye coordination. Two players pass the ball back and forth as they sidestep the length of the court. They must maintain control of the ball for the entire time. If someone drops the ball, he is out of the game and must sit out.

Monkey in the Middle –  One defender tries to intercept the pass of the two offensive players as they progress the length of the court. If the defender intercepts the pass, the two offensive players are out. Rotate who is the “monkey”.

Red Light/Green Light – Start with everyone at the baseline with their own basketball. When you say ‘green light’, the players start to dribble and walk. When you say ‘red light’, the players stop. Whoever makes the first basket wins. Mix it up by having the players walk backwards, using their non dominant hand only, or hop on one foot.

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