Biggest Loser Ali

Update: Ali was named The Biggest Loser on the 4/15/08 finale. The first female to hold the title. Check out the interview live from LA with Ali Vincent– Biggest Loser.

Below is the exclusive after show interview with the first ever female Biggest Loser!

Ali Vincent – Winner of Season 5 Biggest Loser from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

With only two women left in the Biggest Loser house, Ali has made herself a strongBiggest Loser Ali contender for the lead. Eliminated with her mom, Bette-Sue, in episode 4, she returned in episode 11 for one of the most dramatic twists this season. Having lost the most weight at home of any other woman, Biggest Loser campus welcomed her back. She’s now keeping up with the boys, dropping impressive numbers at weigh-in and no where near giving up on being the first female Biggest Loser.

Name Ali Vincent

Starting Weight 234 lb.

Week 12 Weight 155 lb.

Height 5’5″

Age 32

Hometown Mesa, AZ

Occupation Hair Stylist

Biggest Loser Couples teammate Bette-Sue

Original Team Color Pink Biggest Loser Ali and Bette-Sue

Trainer Jillian

Alliances None that we can tell. She’s adamant about not picking sides and playing her own game. Voting Brittany off in Week 12 showed signs she was siding with the boys.

Ali-isms Protested elimination as the first sign of true game-play at Biggest Loser Couples. Adamant about her ability to be the first female Biggest Loser.

Our Favorite Moment(s)
– Returning to campus, she’s got 9 lives!
– Sexy haircut and strut down the catwalk in that dress
– First workout back with Jillian- ouch!

Other spellings: Alli, Allie, Ally, Biggest Loser Ali, Ali Biggest Loser, Biggest Loser Pink Team

13 Responses to Biggest Loser Ali

vicki rudisell says:

Ali you rock – I am routing for you all the way – you always had it in
you, you just needed to have someone like Jilian to show you how to make
it come out of you the world is yours to for the taking go get it
and as far as I am concerned you are not the Biggest Loser you are the
Greatest Loser –

Augusta says:

I want to watch you WIN it next week, Ali!!! You have already won on so many levels and are truly inspirational.

Shannon Shannon says:

Way to go Ali!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you, and of course each of the other house mates. I cried and cheered all through this. And of course throw myself a pity party. How did you do it? I would love to know how much do, actually worked out and food plan. I need to lose 100 pounds and try and try and try. But always throw in the towel.

The biggest loser shows are what I never miss. I sit and watch and take notes and you give me such motovation. You are going places I see that. And know you are going to encourage your Mom and all others around you. I bow to you.

Take care
Shannon Shannon

tina says:

I wish I could be motovation,like you did on the show.I try to get everybody to do thing to lose weight with me but I get no help. I have a very bad knee,so it make it harder to do thing.I need to lose at least 75 pound.I have gave up yet. I very happy for you for doing a great job!!

ALICE says:

As a Lesbian woman you proved that nothing will hold you back. Congrats

KRB says:

So wonderful to see you succeed, Ali! You and your mom were such fun to watch and cheer on! Go Pink.

Ali you are amazing! I am 5’5 also….the amount of weight you had to lose was enormous, but you proved to every single women out their, that if one is determined and is “willing” to put their weight lose goal a top priority, and work HARD for it…you will suceed! My hat goes off to you and your efforts. You deserve a standing ovation.

i would very much like to know what exerice you did for your arms ?
i have the same problem you had . i go to a class at a local gym,i just started.please help if you can thanks …

Anonymous says:

Good jocb

Glenn Probst says:


My wife loved that dress can you tell me where i can get it!
I have looked on the Maceys web site with joy.

Many thanks and well done


Brandi says:

I believe her sister made the dress and I know for sure she made the shoes w/ Swarovski crystals.

I love the biggest loser I watch it every tuesday

brenda j says:

I love biggest loser. Faithful watcher every week. Don’t miss a show.

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