Biggest Loser Appliances Teach Kitchen Healthy New Tricks

On the Biggest Loser we always hear about weighing our food and measuring to make sure we are eating the right portions. Portion control and eating right are two tips to live by when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In order to do so, it helps to have the tools you need around your kitchen. Here are a few of the latest kitchen appliances from the Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser Digital Food Scale
To get precise portion control, I use a kitchen scale to measure out my foods such as chicken breast, turkey and cheese. The scale is compact and stores in a kitchen drawer. The glass top makes for easy clean up or you can measure in a bowl. This scale is a great tool to maintain a fit lifestyle. I have used many kitchen scales, but my favorite so far is the Taylor scale offered by the Biggest Loser.

biggest loser grillThe Biggest Loser Grill & Panini Maker
Being able to prepare your meals in the healthiest way is possible with this grill. It not only doubles as a panini maker, but fat drains away as you grill. You can cook everything from burgers and steaks to chicken and fish. With the push of a button, the grill opens up to cook more. A great way to prepare your meals for the week in advance. The grill/panini maker is compact in size and has heavy-duty non-stick grill plates.

biggest loser blenderBiggest Loser Double-Up Blender & Smoothie Maker
I eat a lot of on-the-go breakfasts. A perfect way to prepare a morning shake or fruit smoothie is with the Biggest Loser Double-Up Blender & Smoothie Maker. You can blend, mix, puree and liquefy with this blender. It’s also a great way to make soups and sauces or blend together your favorite smoothie. Your concoction can be dispensed directly from the 1.5 quart pitcher with the blender’s non-drip spout.

biggest loser steamerBiggest Loser Food and Whole-Grain Steamer
You often see cooking demonstrations or suggestions on Biggest Loser where steamed vegetables and steamed rice are being used at meal time. This is a two-tier steamer with a two-quart rice bowl that can help you quickly and easily prepare side dishes for your meals that are far more nutritious for you and your family. Clean-up is easy too, since it can go in the dishwasher, and it even has an egg holder for quick breakfasts.

biggest loser chopperBiggest Loser Hand Blender Chopping Jar
Juice, puree, chop and blend simply with the touch of a button. The hand-held blender can be used to blend smoothies, stir juices or mix homemade dressings or sauces. The accompanying food chopper will do some of the dirty work for you, by chopping nuts, fruits, vegetables or even crunching wasa crackers for breading on Biggest Loser’s Winning Fried Chicken.

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