Biggest Loser Brittany on her 2021 goal, Bernie’s snoring and saying goodbye to Jillian

Brittany Biggest LoserWhile she says her goal this year is to be “steamy hot,” many would argue that the transformation Brittany Aberle went through during her 12 weeks on the Biggest Loser ranch has already gotten her there. I had a chance to talk to her last night about her Biggest Loser experience, while she was at the mall shopping for her Biggest Loser Finale dress. She was ecstatic about taking one size into the fitting room, and having to request a smaller size.

If you need a Brittany fix before the April 15 finale, you can hear the entire Brittany Biggest Loser interview right here. Hear all the juicy details about weigh-in day, her bold skydiving move, meeting Tim Gunn and why she never saw the girls as much competition.

Brittany shares the incredible brother/sister bond she and Bernie developed (and his bear-like snoring), as well as how Jillian helped change her life in more ways than one. Biggest Loser Brittany and Jillian MichaelsIt was no secret that Brittany struggled with her weight loss even on campus, pulling some of the lowest numbers in the house, with two pounds each week being consistent. Jillian helped her identify a hormonal imbalance, PCOS, that not only will change the way she loses weight, but will have an impact on her health for a lifetime

Brittany bounced into the Biggest Loser Couples house in the first episode with bright eyes, gorgeous flowing hair and a “steamy hot” smile. She quickly rose as a tough-as-nails competitor, with a tenacious spirit and an infectious laugh.

It was hard to interview Brittany, because it meant she had been eliminated. A few seconds into the call and you knew it hadn’t phased her, it just brought out the fight even more.

Brittany- thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to visit with you. We look forward to seeing your steamy-hot self at the finale!

Listen to the full Brittany interview below

6 Responses to Biggest Loser Brittany on her 2021 goal, Bernie’s snoring and saying goodbye to Jillian

I like that you interviewed Brittany while both of you were underwater . . . just kidding. What a great interview. I liked Brittany a ton (she was not my favorite) but this interview helps soften some of the images she left me with Congrats, Brittany and congrats Brandi!

JimmyC says:

Another great interview! Keep em coming

Brandi thank you so much for this interview, Brittany is just adorable!

Brittany thank you for sharing your experiences on the Biggest Loser, you look fabulous!

Keri-Ann says:

Hello! I am so happy I found this interview. I LOVE this show, of course – and I didn’t realize (didn’t pay attention? lol…) that Brittany has PCOS. I have insulin resistance – which goes along with PCOS – and have struggled with my weight my entire life. No matter how much I worked out and ate right, I couldn’t lose weight – and I found out why…and now that I know, I’ve been able to get it under control and I’m down 20 pounds and I keep going! It’s refreshing to know that this show may bring this issue to more light. It IS unfortunate that Brittany has the condition – believe me, I know how much it sucks – but she is such an incredible insporation and just absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Melissa S says:

Thank you so much for posting this interview. Thanks to your news on Brittany’s PCOS, I went to my doctor with many of the same symptoms and am now being treated! If I had not seen this on your website, and heard it in Brittany’s Today Show interview, I doubt my doctor would have caught it.

Thank you!

Alyssa says:

Brittany you are just a amazing girl. i loved you from the beging even though it was hard for you. you made it though and you have a awsome new body to match your pretty face. keep losing weight i am so proud of you!

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