Biggest Loser: Episode 10

Once again I’m going to cut straight to the chase. For the first time in this season of Biggest Loser, I was so completely sad over the person who was eliminated. It was my Cry of the Week, watching the elimination. It seems as though anyone who knows Bernie would say that he’s the nicest person they’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. How many people can you say that about who you’ve never actually met. He’s funny, genuine and kind. That guy never gave less than 100% the entire time he was there. Bernie looks amazing now and I’m anxious to see how he continues to shape-up at the finale.

As soon as the blue team lifted their first plate to reveal Bernie’s name- I knew it was done. Thankfully, after last night the blue team doesn’t exist anymore. Neither does the black. In yet another dramatic beginning to the weigh-in, Allie told us that what she was about to say would transform the entire course of the game. Don’t we hear that every week? She didn’t lie, everything changed last night. No more teams. Everyone weighs in as individuals now. And that yellow line? Oh, it’s back!

I really enjoyed last night’s episode. More so than last week’s tear-soaked man-show. It was actually light-hearted, fun and it moved quickly. Thanks to the Writer’s Strike we get two-hour episodes, which I enjoy, but sometimes they get a little long.

A lot happened last night, so here’s a run down of my favorite snippets:

– Wanna bet a dollar we see a book from Roger? Publicists everywhere were watching the show last night when he was visiting with season two’s Dr. Jeff learning healthier food options for football parties. “I might just write a book about the healthy way to tailgate.”

– All of the contestants went back to meet with the doctor they saw episode one. Everyone is healthy! Blood pressures are down, sleep apnea is near cured, and one of the most exciting revelations was for Kelly. She’s battled with infertility and weight can certainly be something that doesn’t help that cause. She has so far exceeded their recommended weight by 38 pounds- meaning her chances of conceiving and carrying a baby have increased 10%. Amazing news!

– Roger hit the 100 pound mark! He’s lost 104 pounds to date.

– The temptation, I thought, was pretty cool. Let’s not only tempt with candy, but let’s make it feel like gambling with a vending machine. All but two players won 1 pound passes for the weigh in, Dan won the most money with $9500 (and ate the most calories!), and Kelly near puked on TV. I thought it was a bummer that they didn’t share what they won/lost.

– By letting Mark go home last week and not Roger, Black team felt like the Blue team just handed the game and the $250,000 to Roger. We’ll see.

– For winning Biggest Loser of the Week last week, Bernie earned the right to give immunity to any one player except himself. He chose Brittany, his teammate since day one. The last team to be on the Biggest Loser campus. They hugged. She cried. And it’s for that reason that I give not one, but two, Quotes of the Week, to my pal Berndana (that and I have a crush on him)…

“It’s not rocket science when you’re dangling 500 feet above a ravine,” during the challenge, dangling 500 feet above a ravine, educating us on not looking down.

“The next time you see me, it will be modeling on the cover of your favorite magazine,” during his after-the-show Biggest Loser transformation.

2 Responses to Biggest Loser: Episode 10

Julie says:

I too hated to see Bernie go. Yet, at the same time, I was glad to see Kelly stay. I feel she still has a fair amount to lose, more so than Bernie, and I feel she was somewhat treated unfairly by her team. Kelly came in as the heaviest woman on this season’s show. I would like to see her stay a while longer. Good post!

Brian says:

Will definitely miss Bernie. Good luck champ!

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