Breathslim Claims You Can Exhale Your Fat Loss

If you could only inhale hundreds of thousands of dollars straight into your bank account and exhale your spare tire from your middle-aged torso, life would be perfect, wouldn’t it? Sure, Hippocrates believed, “air is a pasture of life and a greatest ruler of all,” because we all need air to stay alive. And yes, your yoga teacher sings the praises of deep, abdominal breathing for inner peace and a clear head. Perhaps you’ve owned, seen or have known someone who bought the classic 1980s breathing exercise video, led by a slender woman in a leotard with hair like Farrah Fawcett, who makes us believe breathing is the way to a slim physique.

Whatever your experience has been with people suggesting that breathing air is life’s best elixir for weight loss and good health, there is now a new item on the market that claims their product is better than any weight loss pill or potion.

Brought to you by a team of international scientists, Breathslim is the latest device said to promote fat loss with practically no effort. Built out of a tiny container that holds water with an attached breathing tube (much like something you might have seen at a college party), the Breathslim device claims to bring more oxygen into the body.

Okay, so what? Fitness experts will tell you that the more oxygen that is consumed by the body, the more fat the body will use as fuel. This is true, however the body’s capacity to burn heaps of fat is highly dependent on aerobic fitness. In other words, you have to train your body with aerobic exercise in order for you to be a better and more efficient fat burner.

Than what good is it? Perhaps the benefits are secondary, as with yogic breathing, or any other type of rhythmic breath exercise. Reducing stress and calming the body are both necessary in our efforts to lose weight. When we take a few moments to sit and breathe, we can gather our wits about us and have the composure that often leads us towards choosing to participate in healthier habits. While it’s unlikely we will be able to significantly increase the amount of fat our body burns just by sitting and breathing, we can enjoy the way we feel after a few rounds of deep breaths.

Are you still curious? The Breathslim device can be ordered online for fewer than fifty bucks, or you can step outside your door and breath in some fresh spring air for free.

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