“Change Our Eating Habits or Die” is Jonathan Bailor’s Message in Launching SlimIsSimple.org

Jonathan Bailor, author of The Smarter Science of Slim, has recently launched a non-profit organization called SlimIsSimple.org. This group was created with the help of anonymous investors who are passionate about the damage that’s being done to our country (when it comes to proper nutrition and health) and who realize it’s all preventable with proper diet and exercise. This large group of gentlemen helped fund the development of the video above which explains how simple it is to understand what a healthy diet should consist of.

This video is the group’s concept piece with a goal in mind to find a way to bring the internet nutrition community together in order to influence mainstream change. They’re hoping to bring communities together, like the paleo diet, who share the same ideals that processed foods and sugars make a negative impact on our health. They want to eventually create events like formal classes where people can learn just how simple it really is. It’s not something anyone’s trying to make money off of, and the organization does not accept donations from the public. All they want to do is simply get the message out to the public that by eating non-processed foods and things that our bodies were actually designed to eat, we can finally begin putting a stop to the obesity epidemic.

According to Bailor, the fact that obesity has doubled since 1980 is to be blamed on the media, not ourselves.

“When Coke says it’s only 140 calories, they’re lying. It’s not just about the calories, it’s about everything else that’s in it that’s so bad for the body,” said Bailor in our recent interview. He truly believes that we’ve just simply been given false information. “No parent knowingly poisons their child. If people began learning just how bad these processed foods are for them, no one would be giving those things to their kids, let alone themselves…this isn’t our fault. If we were told smoking was good for us and we all got lung cancer, that’s not our fault. We were told as long as it’s low fat than it’s good for us, which is not true.” In other words, Bailor is saying that sugar causes diabetes just as much as smoking causes lung cancer.

“At some point in time we’ll all have to eat this way. We can either eat that way now or we can wait until we’re overweight with diabetes. By then we’ll have no choice but to either change our eating habits or die,” said Bailor.

The question is, do we want to do it on our own terms or are we going to continue repeating our bad habits until that horrible reality is laid out on the table in front of us? Get the answers to help make your own changes at SlimIsSimple.org.

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