“Coffee for You, Water for All” TOMS Enters the Coffee Business

How do you take your coffee: plain, a little cream, a little sugar? What about with a decent-sized dose of do-gooding? If TOMS founder and CEO Blake Mycoskie has anything to say about it, that’s how everyone will be drinking their coffee from now on.

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He announced TOMS new coffee line, TOMS Roasting Co., at South by Southwest earlier this month. Just like with the original TOMS shoes, and the eyewear line that followed, TOMS Roasting Co. will not only be selling a product, but doing social good.

For every bag of TOMS coffee beans sold, a person in the areas from which TOMS is sourcing beans (Rwanda, Malawai, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru) will get clean water for a week. For every cup sold, a person will get water for a day. This is possible through a partnership with Water for People, a charity based in Denver. Denver is also where TOMS Roasting Co. will roast its beans. From there, the beans will be sold in a chain of coffee bars, online by the bag or through a subscription, and at Whole Foods.

TOMS isn’t selling just one kind of coffee. Their options include Malawi Roast and Rwanda Roast (light), Peru Roast, Guatemala Roast, and Carpe Diem Espresso (medium), and Honduras Roast (dark).

Dark roasts like TOMS Honduras Roast have been found to be chock-full of antioxidants which help remove free radicals from the body. Free radicals have been linked to the aging process and cancer. Adding an antioxidant-high cup of coffee to your morning routine could be incredibly beneficial to your health.

Coffee sometimes gets a bad rap, but there are definitely worse things for you out there. A cup of coffee without a lot of additional sugar can help you in a variety of ways from keeping you alert to improving your brain function.

Though no doctor will likely recommend coffee as a cure-all, enjoying a cup or two can do some good. TOMS Roasting Co. is out to do even more good with their coffee, stating, “Coffee for you, water for all.”

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