Convenience vs. Health: The Raw Truth About the Not So Miracle Microwave

Isabella York is a mother dedicated to healthy living, while not giving up her life in the process. Along with raising her son, she works for Balsam Hill, a purveyor of Artificial Christmas Trees and Christmas Trees.

For many busy people, any item that makes life more convenient is considered a blessing. But our society of convenience has had some devastating cumulative effects, such as pollution and global warming. It really makes me think about the ways that I contributed to this pollution and how I could help reverse its effects.

Like most mothers, I rely on the microwave to quickly fill hungry bellies. Over the years I’ve caught snippets of the adverse effects of microwaving, and in my quest for a healthier family and healthier planet, I did some research about my beloved appliance. As it turns out, my whole concept of food and food preparation has changed dramatically. That tricky little convenient box of heat has been sneakily causing health problems and ruining the nutrition we all seek to provide ourselves and our families.


  • Microwave packaging to make food appear brown and become crispy are very dangerous as they turn the packaging into a super heated plastic at 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, plastic seeps chemicals into food. In fact, food cooked in plastic wrap had 10,000 more than the legal limit of the FDA of chemicals harmful to the body. The most notable of these chemicals is polyethylene terephthalate, which is derived from petroleum. Benzene, xylene, and toluene have also been found in food heated in microwave which are carcinogens that harm the body.


  • The nutrients of all food that has been heated in the microwave has been stripped, due to the blasting of radiation throughout the entire structure of the food. Necessary B vitamins and vitamin C are depleted from your food.


  • Lower lymphatic activity: People studied after eating microwave food were shown to have lower lymphatic activity, reducing their ability to prevent some cancers.
  • Stomach and intestinal cancers: There were more instances of stomach and intestinal cancers in those who were studied eating the most amount of microwave heated food.
  • Cancer-causing agent: Creation of a cancer causing agent named D- nitrosodiethanolamine, usually found in heated milk and cereal (I shuddered when I thought of what I exposed my kids to).
  • Free radicals: By accelerating the structural disintegration in food, microwaves create free radicals that can aid in the body’s cell destruction.

Needless to say, this household is going to stay microwave-free for a while. Food is going to be organic and locally grown, and any cooking will be done on the stove top, roasted in the broiler, or baked in the oven. Every family deserves the knowledge necessary to keep each other happy and healthy.

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