Dan and Jackie Evans Visit the Biggest Loser Resort

One of the biggest curiosities surrounding the Biggest Loser contestants is what happens when they go home. The recent story of season three winner Erik Chopin regaining his weight has raised concerns that this is common for most. However, the truth is, most contestants continue to manage their weight loss long after the confetti falls.

Dan Evans, season 5 contestant, tells us that the maintenance is the hardest part, and that two years after his season’s finale, he still has to “work hard to maintain.” That’s why he, joined by former teammate and mom Jackie Evans, have decided to spend a week at the Biggest Loser Resort. Set in the southwestern, picturesque town of Ivins, Utah, the resort offers a fitness getaway unlike any other and allows guests to focus on their health for a week at a time or more.

“It’s so awesome to me that there’s a place where people can go… and it’s as close to the experience as you can possibly get,” says Jackie about the Biggest Loser Resort. Saying that she and Dan were fortunate to be only two of 20 applicants selected for her season, out of 250,000, she’s glad that there’s an accessible place where others can reap all the benefits. Without the cameras!

Listen now as Jackie and Dan tell us about their week at the Biggest Loser Resort, including what a day is like, what surprises them and what they like.

Shortly after leaving the Biggest Loser spotlight, Dan launched his country music career with his debut album “Goin’ All Out.” That means he spends a lot of time on the road, performing gigs and touring on the bus. Jackie, also his manager, says that while it’s not an excuse, it does make it difficult for them to eat right and exercise. “Pound by pound, bite by bite, you can slip back to where you were,” says Jackie.

That’s why the mother-son duo steered the bus toward Ivins. Dan says they’re evil and just like to have their butts kicked, but confesses that getting back into a Biggest Loser-style household is exactly what they needed to get their minds back on track, remember what a real workout is and re-learn what an actual portion size looks like.

A day at the resort is jam-packed. The schedule even surprised Jackie. She says the gym opens at 6 a.m. and trainers are available. Breakfast is served at 7 a.m. Today they followed breakfast with a two-hour “challenging” hike in the mountains, then had the option to hit the pool or circuit training. “It was honestly the best pool workout since Jillian Michaels kicked my butt on the ranch,” says Dan. Next came lunch and then a class, for instance how to count calories or understanding emotional eating. Then they took on three hours of working out, which included a toning class and an interval class. And finally, dinner, which was vegetarian lasagna and chocolate-covered strawberries.

As opposed to the ranch where contestants prepare their own meals, Jackie said the food experience was much better at the Biggest Loser Resort because the meals are served.

Dan appreciates the openness of the Biggest Loser Resort because he says it’s a place for people who need to get started, and it’s also a place where you can come back and refresh even if your journey is already on its way.

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