Deepak Chopra’s Authentic Yoga iPhone App Review

Just released to iTunes, Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra, featuring yoga teacher Tara Stiles, is the newest app from Signal Patterns. Deepak Chopra, bestselling author of more than 45 books, is recognized as a leader in self-help and alternative medicine. Tara Stiles is one of New York City’s leading yoga trainers and personally trains Dr. Chopra. The combination of these two experts started when they met at an event where he was speaking and she was leading a yoga class. After becoming friends and practicing yoga together, they collaborated on this new iPhone app to bring you a tool to help “cultivate a vibrantly healthy body, a clear and focused mind, and root you firmly into your own uniqueness.”

Like Stress Free, another of Chopra’s and Signal Patterns’ iPhone apps, Dr. Chopra is featured in several videos in the Understand Yoga section of the Authentic Yoga app. Deepak briefly mentions other types of yoga in explaining that this app focuses on Raja yoga.

Other main sections of Authentic Yoga include Learn to Practice, Yoga Routines, and Review Poses. Not only does the Learn to Practice section teach basic yoga poses and positions, but it identifies poses for tight hamstrings, tight hips, building balance, decreasing stress, and more. Yoga Routines are divided between beginner, intermediate, and advanced and include routines for balance, flexibility, strength, body awareness, and even Deepak’s personal awareness routine. You can rate each routine on difficulty and your enjoyment, helping you easily track which routines you want to frequent and which you prefer to use intermittently. You can follow routines in their entirety or select specific poses. Routines include pictures and video of Tara performing the poses accompanied by music, while Deepak offers an explanation and instruction. In addition, you can become a part of the Authentic Yoga community and send questions to Deepak and Tara directly from the app.

Yoga is helpful for weight loss, mindfulness and relaxation, general health, and the treatment of trauma. Authentic Yoga is like a personalizable collection of yoga videos. It can be both an introduction to yoga for the beginner intimidated by going to the studio for the first time or a convenient tool to help the busy person fit a class in to any free moment of their day. Those who travel frequently will very much appreciate the flexibility and professionalism of this app.

For a limited-time the introductory price is $2.99. The Authentic Yoga iPhone App represents the most affordable private instruction with two leaders in the field of yoga. The only thing missing is personal correction, so it may be helpful for users to pay attention to themselves in a mirror to make sure their pose matches Tara’s.

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Kermit says:

My friend Leandra dislike this product, their website is bogus. Leandra had a horrible effect to this bogus pill with upset digestive system and had a chellenge delivery. Friend recommended me don’t try the Deepak Chopra’s Authentic Yoga iPhone App.

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