Denny’s to Offer Maple Bacon Sundae

The meal offerings at Denny’s just get more and more weird.

For a limited time, Denny’s is offering a special menu devoted to bacon. Called “Baconalia”, the 7 item menu includes bacon breakfasts, bacon pancakes, bacon sandwiches and even a bacon ice cream sundae.

The ice cream sundae begins with a vanilla ice cream base, topped with maple flavored syrup and a “generous serving of diced hickory smoked bacon”. The layers are repeated and the sundae is finished with a final dusting of bacon.

“Baconalia” has been given the royal treatment, with a “manifesto” written on parchment as a tribute to the origins of the made up festival. The restaurant says that they will offer new and varied ways to enjoy bacon, allowing bacon to take center stage.

Are you a fan of bacon? Would you eat a bacon ice cream sundae?


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