Discover a Personalized Yoga Class in Austin at Yoga by Melodie

Yoga instructor, Melodie Phillips

Yoga by Melodie is a privately-owned yoga studio in Austin, Texas. The classes are taught by certified yoga instructor, Melodie Phillips. Different classes are offered twice a week, and each class is modified to meet the needs of the students.

Melodie first became interested in yoga when a massage therapist suggested she practice some poses to help with chronic back pain. She quickly became hooked on yoga, finding “healing and freedom from [her] pain through the practice of yoga.” After years of personal practice, she decided to share her passion with others and became a certified instructor after participating in a 200-hour teaching program from the Living Yoga Teacher Training Program.

The classes at Yoga by Melodie are usually fairly small and intimate. The students meet with Melodie in a small yoga studio set in a small cluster of trees, overlooking a serene blue pool. Melodie typically begins her hatha yoga flow classes with a warm-up session to help the students enter their “yoga frame of mind,” and then progresses to Sun Salutations, floor routines, and other modified yoga poses that meet the needs of her students.

Since the classes are usually small in number, Melodie is able to get to know each student and create routines that target his/her personal goals. Students of all ages and experience levels will be able to participate in these classes, and therefore, they will receive the physical and mental benefits commonly associated with yoga.

If you live near Austin and want to experience a highly personalized yoga class, then dedicate your next Tuesday or Thursday evening to a yoga class at Yoga by Melodie. For contact information, visit the website.

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by Kelsey Murray

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