DNA May Show a Predisposition for Obesity

This morning on the Today Show, an interesting topic was discussed regarding the role DNA plays in our weight. It’s not a new subject, as scientists have been suggesting the idea of a “fat gene” for some time. However, Today’s diet and nutrition editor, Madelyn Fernstrom, says that some of us are more likely to have a predisposition for obesity than others and that it’s not one isolated gene that is responsible but several.

She says certain biological factors hard-wire some of us to gain weight. This goes back to our hunter and gatherer days when this meant survival, a person could pack on weight that was necessary for that mobile lifestyle. In today’s world, those biological markers can actually work against us.

Watch now as Fernstrom explains more about this.

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“It doesn’t mean you’re destined be severely obese,” says Fernstrom of those who carry these genetic markers. “But it does mean it may be harder to maintain a healthier weight.”

We hope that kind of message doesn’t deter people from making the effort to lose weight and using it as just another diet excuse. If you feel like you’re up against a wall with your weight loss, reach out to your physician or a dietitian and get the information, resources and guidance you need to get started on a healthier path.

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