Dr. Oz Interviews Anorexic Women on the Brink of Death

Dr. Oz ditches all his surprising tips for health and fun animations for a very serious topic. The Dr. Oz Show will be interviewing anorexic women who are on the brink of death in today’s episode, “ Women take drastic measures to be thin.”

Dr. Oz will be interviewing a 31-year-old woman who weighs 73 pounds and survives by a feeding tube. The doctor will also hear her husband’s plea for help as the two try to lead her out of anorexia.

Dr. Oz will also speak with a woman who has turned to anorexia as a method to lose the weight she does need to lose. She has currently lost 70 pounds through anorexia and admits, “I need to lose weight and this is working.”

The show will feature several women who are doing whatever it takes to be skinny and the doctor will attempt to get them into treatment.
In addition to the heart wrenching stories of the anorexic women, Dr. Oz will invite a man to the stage who runs a pro-anorexia website. The website actually teaches women how to be anorexic. Dr. Oz will ask him, “what does it feel like to watch people who are killing themselves?” The husband of a dying anorexic woman will confront the man behind the website and explain, “you are signing death certificates.”

The episode will certainly be gripping and emotional. Hopefully, the ugly truth of skinny at any price will be revealed and understood. This episode airs Tuesday, March 6, 2024.

Image via Dr. Oz

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