Economy Puts Pinch on Healthy Eating

There are many extravagances that are shoved aside during economic downturns. But one essential is being ignored as well – good nutrition. A new report by a consumer watchdog found that 24 percent of adults in the UK say that eating healthy is less of a priority in the current economic crisis. Oddly, 76 percent of the people polled think that the government needs to take action to make healthier choices easier.economy

The group called Which? also found one positive side effect of the forced penny pinching: people are planning to quit smoking.

But when it comes to food choices, why do they have to be unhealthy? Granted, when people have less money, cheaper processed foods are probably going to make their way into the grocery cart. But aren’t there other things that can be taken out of the budget for the difference between packaged foods and fresh fruits and veggies? Apparently not, since nearly three in five said they would buy more fruit and vegetables if they were cheaper.

Leaders of Which? want the government to take action.

“As the credit crunch bites it’s important that government and industry aren’t distracted. They can’t be allowed to put the fight against obesity on hold,” says Sue Davies, chief policy advisor.

Some of the action Which? would like to see includes the reduction of salt, fat and sugar in foods, better nutritional labeling in stores and restaurants, supermarket promotions of healthy foods, and improving the quality of food in hospitals and nurseries.

But a government spokesperson thought otherwise: “Eating well and moving more does not have to be expensive or difficult.”

(via: The BBC)

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