Feel Alive and Gorgeous with You: Being Beautiful

First there was You: On a Diet and now there is You: Being Beautiful by the super-famous doctor team of Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen. The book is an owner’s manual to looking, feeling and being beautiful inside and out.

You Being Beautiful

If you have never seen Dr. Oz in action, you must catch an episode of Oprah, where his charming demeanor, frank candor and encyclopedic medical brain tackles the common and not-so common health issues.

This latest book takes a tough look at what we believe beauty to be. It debunks some popular myths about beauty and calls into question many of the supposed beautifying lotions and potions that we have eaten up, slathered on our bodies or shelled over some serious cash for and instead points out why these products actually do more harm to our health than good.

The bottom line from You: Being Beautiful is that beauty is not the lipstick you wear or the dress size you wear, but rather beauty is a combo of these two factors: health and happiness.

If in fact beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, instead by you the beholden who cultivates happiness and health, you will have no choice but to exude this inner and outer beauty and therefore be deemed beautiful in the eyes of those who see and know you.

Drs. Oz and Roizen don’t promise you that by drinking acai juice and practicing yoga everyday that you’ll turn into Heidi Klum, but they suggest that doing a few things to your everyday routine will enhance your health and how you feel about yourself. No lifestyle factor is left out of their equation to help along your beauty journey. From finances to spirituality to eating brain-boosting foods, You: Being Beautiful encompasses the totality of what it is to be alive and beautiful.

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