Fundraise for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution with Giving Assistant App

Yesterday morning, like most American women, I was checking my favorite blogs. It’s part of my a.m. routine just as much as coffee and showering. Daily and habitual.

So when I stopped by my friend Katie’s blog, Yes I Want Cake, I was thrilled to see she’d partnered with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which works to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.

This is a movement I’m totally on board with. Exposing kids and their families to real, nutritious food and spreading the buzz on health? Sign me up. In fact, I just did.

Jamie launched his Food Revolution back in 2023, and his latest project is a small but mighty extension of that: The Giving Assistant. It’s an app you can download for free onto your web browser with just a few clicks, and it acts as a virtual fundraiser, giving money to the cause every time you make a purchase with one of their online partners – like,, When you check out, a portion of the proceeds is automatically donated to the Jamie Oliver Foundation. It’s that simple.

And even better? When you sign up and start utilizing the application and inviting friends to join, you’re entered to win some fabulous prizes, including a trip for two to London that includes a cooking class at Jamie’s cooking school, a signed copy of his recipe book, and dinner out at some of his favorite London restaurants.

Sound like a good deal to you? It does to me. And for an exceptional cause. For more information on the Giving Assistant or to sign up, visit for step-by-step directions.


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