Gastric Bypass Superior to Lap-Band

A new study examined the two of the most popular weight loss surgeries, Lap-Band and gastric bypass, has come to the conclusion that gastric bypass is the better option. While the rate of complications in both procedures was about the same, gastric bypass surgery patients lost 64 percent of their excess weight after a year, while those who had the Lap-Band device placed only lost 36 percent of their excess weight.

“It’s a dramatic difference,” said Dr. Guilherme Campos of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in Madison.

Interestingly, previous studies have shown that gastric banding was safer than gastric bypass surgery.

The current study compared 100 morbidly obese people who got Allergan’s Lap-Band device or a form of gastric bypass surgery called “Roux-en-Y.” The Roux-en-Y surgery was done laparoscopically, which is through small incisions in the belly.

While instances of complications were low, 12 percent of patients in the Lap-Band group experienced complications and 15 percent of the gastric bypass patients experienced complications. So, you have a slightly higher chance of complications with gastric bypass, but a dramatically higher chance of success.

As you might expect, the study also showed that people who had gastric bypass also saw a better return with regards to resolving diabetes and an improvement in overall quality of life.

(via: MSNBC)

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