Graduating from Jenny Craig: You Hit Your Goal Weight. Now What?

Imagine it’s the day you’ve been dreaming of—where you glance down at the scale and have finally reached your goal weight! Celebration is in order. But, if you’re on Jenny Craig, which supplies pretty much all of the food its dieters eat, the thought of learning to maintain your weight while making your own meals may make you anxious.

Don’t worry. Jenny Craig’s chief nutritionist, Lisa Talamini, is here to help you feel more confident about the transition.

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According to Talamini, you already have the tools you need for success. Here’s why:

  • On the plan, members learn to make healthy choices by adding grocery foods to their weekly planned menus. So, even though you’ve been eating packaged meals you’ve also been planning your eating schedule and supplementing with veggies and other purchased foods. You’ll keep doing the same thing, only with more cooking and less zapping!

  • While members are eat Jenny Craig foods, they learn to manage their individual challenges. Remember how, three weeks into the program, you realized skipping sugar in the morning made you more alert or that you binge on chocolate when you’re stressed? The same holds true now—no surprises here. 


  •  Once members reach their goal weight, they have a four-week transition period to go to eating seven days of their own foods. The idea is that you go at your own pace and use your Jenny Craig meals and snacks as a backup plan as often as you like. There’s no going cold turkey!


  • As you shift into cooking mode, you can look to Jenny Craig for healthy recipes. Many of these emphasize their Volumetrics Approach to eating, which you’ve already been following. Luckily, of the recipes are super simple so even kitchen newbies will have success!


  • Finally, remember your Jenny Craig portion control tricks. For the “Plate Method”, fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits, a quarter with a starch or whole grain, and a quarter with a meat or protein-rich food. Use “Visual Cues” uses items like a deck of cards or baseball to help you easily estimate serving sizes. With these hints there’s still no need to weigh, measure, or count your food. All you need to do is enjoy!


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