HealthyWage Pays You to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal


It’s March.

I know.

It was just New Years, and now it’s March, which is the start of spring, and spring leads to summer. Even the mention of summer conjures up images of bathing suits and, well, more bathing suits. But it’s ok right? You made another New Year’s resolution to lose weight back in January. And you did great! Back in January…

But now it’s March and by now, most people have already ditched their New Years resolution. If this is you, you’re not alone, so don’t feel guilty.  You still have plenty of time to get back on track for summer, so no worries there. And often times, it’s that faraway deadline that can cause you to lose motivation in the first place because there’s no sense of urgency.

If only someone would pay you to workout and eat right. If only someone would reward you with cold, hard cash for hitting your weight loss goal.  That would be the ultimate motivation, wouldn’t it? Well, you’re officially out of excuses, because someone actually will.

Enter: HealthyWage, a company that will actually pay you to lose weight.

Check out Danielle’s story (pictured above). She lost almost 130 pounds and HealthyWage paid her over $1,300 for reaching her goal. And Darchelle (below) lost 44 pounds, and won $2,000 for doing it.


Here’s how it works:

You choose how much weight you want to lose (minimum 10%), the period of time during which you will lose the weight (6-18 months) and the amount you will wager ($20 – $500 per month), lose weight and win! A prize calculator uses the amount of weight, amount of time, and dollar amount to calculate your prize for achieving your goal before committing to your bet. There are also team challenges you can participate in for other prizes, as well.

Hit your goal and you win the money. Don’t hit your goal and you lose what you’ve invested. The upfront commitment combined with the risk of losing it if you don’t achieve your goal and the reward of a bigger cash payout if you do is incentive enough to keep you on track and finally lose the weight for good.

According to Drachelle, “The competitive aspect along with the prospect of winning money (and losing it!) were just enough for me to get going – it drew me away from my troubles and desire to eat just enough to get me off to a decent start, and from there I gained momentum bit by bit…By investing in myself each month for the wager, something within me shifted toward caring for myself, valuing myself, in new ways [and] fighting for me in ways that have gotten me back to my true self, my true figure, my internal freedom and yep, even my running to some degree.”

HealthyWage is an industry leader when it comes to health and wellness challenges, providing not just cash incentives, but also social and expert-based support, weight tracking tools, and resources to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

If you’re interested in giving HealthyWage a try, sign up before March 31st, and they’ll add an extra $50 to your prize payout when you win! The real prize, of course, is feeling what it’s like to finally reach your weight-loss goal and slip into that bathing suit you’ve always wanted with confidence.


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Kate @ HealthyWage says:

Thank you for this HealthyWage review! As one of the coaches at HealthyWage, I’m always excited to see the success stories of our participants being shared.

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