Heavy Black Women Have Higher Self Esteem Than Thinner White Women

A nationwide survey reveals the truth about women’s self-esteem in relation to their body size.

Heavier set African American women are found to be happier with their bodies than thinner and average sized Caucasian women. The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted the survey. They interviewed 800 women from all across the country in order to get a well rounded survey group. The results showed that 66% of overweight or even obese black women had high self-esteem. In contrast, only 41% of thin or skinny white women were found to have high self esteem.

Some of the other details of the survey included the fact that 90% of African American women think living a healthy lifestyle is more important than religion, career, or marriage. However, two-thirds of these same women reported eating fast food at least once a week and only half reported eating dinner at home on a regular basis.

While African American women seem to be happier with having a bigger body, it’s also important to note that black women remain in the higher percentage more likely to slide into obesity and battle ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other weight related problems. It’s good to be confident, but healthy and confident is vital.

Another area of the survey found that 28% of black women stated that being physically attractive is “very important.” Only 11% of the white women felt physical attractiveness was “very important.” The majority of Caucasian women reported that being attractive was only “somewhat important.”

It’s interesting to read that many of the black women surveyed did not refer to model proportions in regards to a healthy weight. Celebrities like Queen Latifiah and Jennifer Hudson were listed as role models- black women who have lost weight yet held on to their curves.

Apparently thin isn’t what makes one happier. Here’s to all women of all races learning to be healthy and happy with their bodies.

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Nick Vegas says:

The woman on the scale still looks good to me, but then I have a special place in my heart, treating an African queen like Queen. : )

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