How to Change Your Fitness Routine for a More Effective Workout

This guest post comes from Paige Corley, a Program Director at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.

Ever wonder if your workout routine is stale or needs to be changed? Well, basically you want to keep your body experiencing new things, so you want to change your workout routine with some regularity. Problem is that for many of us just coming up with one workout routine is tough (and time consuming).

Keep these things in mind when thinking about your workout routines:

  • You can change the order in which you do your exercises and this can be enough to trick your body. For example, if you are used to doing cardio first and weights second, do your weights first and then your cardio.
  • You can change the intensity of your cardio workouts. Some can be steady state workouts and others can be interval workouts (like treading). Stay away from getting on the treadmill and walking/running at the same speed each time. Mix it up. Add incline; add speed. Try going fast for every 2 minutes of 5. This will allow you to recover for the other 3 minutes.
  • Changing the number of repetitions that you do can often be enough to change the workout. If you are used to doing 15 repetitions, try using a bit more weight and only doing 12 reps.
  • Change which muscle groups you do first. If you love legs and you tend to do them first, try doing them after your upper body for a different result.
  • Add Plyometric or explosive exercises to your weekly routine – this will shake it up quickly.
  • Think up 2-3 different workout scenarios. Assign a month to each different workout. This way you only have to think of which month you are in and you will know which workout routine you are doing. It’s also easier to change your workout with the month – then you don’t have to remember what week you are on.
  • If you always walk/run on the treadmill or outside try biking for a change. Or swimming. Learn a new skill while keeping your body guessing.
  • Try a new group exercise class a month. You might stumble on a fitness class that you really like and you can add it to your routine. Be open to new things.

Remember that ultimately you simply need to be active. Don’t over complicate it. If all you ever do is walk your dog 3 times a day for 10 minutes while watching the quantity and quality of your calories – you will be just fine.

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