How to Eliminate Arm Fat, or “Bingo Wings”

Have you ever heard the expression “bingo wings”? This is slang used to describe the fatty tissue or excess skin under the arm (triceps) that flaps back and forth, if you will, when a member of a Tuesday night bingo club wins and shakes the winning bingo card over-head. I understand that it is not a flattering term, but it does do an outstanding job explaining the situation or problem.

The problem area is known as the triceps brachii muscle. The triceps (used in both singular and plural) is a three-headed muscle that each of which come from different origins, but join together at the elbow. Extending the forearm and adducting the shoulder are the two main functions of the triceps brachii.

Below are several ways to help firm up those so called “bingo wings.” I recommend performing two to three sets of 15 repetitions at a medium weight for the following exercise routine. Good luck!

10 Ways to Firm up Those Bingo Wings

  1. Add an early morning walk/jog to your daily routine
  2. Diet: Low fat and low carbohydrate
  3. Add a mid-day walk/jog to your daily routine
  4. Control your portion sizes
  5. Add an evening walk/jog to your daily routine
  6. Cut out the fast food
  7. Get a pedometer and set a goal for 10,000 steps a day
  8. Eat a balanced diet (
  9. Find fun and exciting ways to spend more time outside
  10. Follow the exercise routine below

Bingo Wing Eliminating Workout:

Fun Triceps Facts:

  1. Three heads: long, lateral, and medial heads
  2. Many mammals such as dogs and cows have a forth head called the “accessory head”
  3. The triceps account for around 60 percent of the upper arm muscle mass

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