Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season Two Premiers April 12th

I am excited to announce that we finally know when Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution season two will begin! After watching this preview for season two it seems that the delay may have been a result of the obstacles Jamie faced in bringing his revolution to Los Angeles, California.

When Jamie was told that his permits to work in the L.A. schools had been revoked, he declared war. I anticipate a lot of interesting public demonstrations in season two. I am hopeful that we will see that such grassroots campaigns are even more powerful than sharing his message with families with the assistance of the schools. I am excited that Jamie has continued his revolution despite setbacks and obstacles.

Although Los Angeles is considered glamorous and healthy due to its association with Hollywood and warm weather, the city of nearly 10 million people is no stranger to fast food and obesity-related health issues as we will see on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution season two. I hope you will join me Tuesday, April 12th for the season premiere.

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