Jillian Michaels Reveals She May Not Stay with Biggest Loser

Will she stay or will she go? That’s the question being asked by fans of The Biggest Loser ever since they announced the casting call for a new trainer on season eight.jillian michaels

We asked Jillian Michaels this morning if she planned to stay and her response was direct, “I might not be.” She said she’s working with NBC, acknowledging that they’ve been great in negotiations, but said “certain things need to happen” for her to stick around another season.

Listen to our interview with Jillian now, as she describes her personal conflict with the season seven contestants, and debates her role in the show going forward.

Anyone watching Biggest Loser season seven can sense that Jillian’s just not that into it. She told us she’s not happy, in fact she’s “miserable.” She warned us in our season six finale interview that season seven would be a tough one because the contestants have “figured it out,” stating that they say just the right things for the camera, and even arrive on campus asking how they go about getting an agent. Jillian told us that while she has kept close, personal relationships with previous contestants, this season was difficult because she just simply hated some of them.

Jillian says there is a price to pay when you’re unhappy all the time, so for now, the decision remains TBD as she sorts it out with NBC.

See part one of our interview, in which Jillian discusses her new book, “Master Your Metabolism.”

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162 Responses to Jillian Michaels Reveals She May Not Stay with Biggest Loser

Pudge says:

The Biggest Loser is my favorite show. I absolutely love it, but something about this season just isn’t “right”. I would absolutely hate to see Jillian go though. She’s one of the main reasons I watch. I just don’t like some of the contestants this time around though.

Rosie says:

I would really hate to see Jillian go. But, I understand, if your not happy, your not happy!! I too don’t know if I will continue to watch if Jillian goes, she is a great motivator!!!! Make what makes you happy Jillian!!

booger says:

Good riddence cheater!

mik says:

Cheater? LMAO.that is funmy, why do you think she cheats? YUou cant cheat weight loss for years on end…

whatup says:

I love Jillian. I think she’s an amazing trainer,and person. Hopefully all goes well and she returns next season.

Joe says:

I, for one, will really miss her if she leaves. I love her hard-core, no-nonsense style and that she can set that aside and be a friend when she had to be. Plus, let’s face it, she’s kinda hot!

Kim says:

If Jillian doesn’t return I won’t watch anymore. I watch for two reasons – 1. the contestants and 2. Jillian. I don’t care for Bob too much – he’s too wishy-washy and the show would fail miserably if he was left without Jillian and if they brought Kim Lyons back – it would tank for sure with Kim and Bob. I hope Jillian stays – or I won’t be watching anymore.

e_layfield says:

I’m totally with Jillian on this one. It’s not “The Biggest Loser” anymore…it’s “The Biggest Ego” and I TOTALLY understand why she wouldn’t want to go back to it. I PRAY TO GOD that she stays because every week I am SO inspired by her every Tuesday night but I MORE than understand why she would want to leave. I would too.

Donna says:

Omigosh – Jillian has to come back – she keeps me going and hits me between the eyes when I have been BSing myself –

rackfocus says:

I had a feeling this might be happening…especially since they were auditioning trainers this year. I’m not one to stop watching a show over one person leaving, but Jillian has sort of become the heartbeat… I’ll just have to listen to her radio show and pretend it’s BL. I hope NBC works with her…it would really hurt the show to lose her.

Mackenzie says:

I agree with what she is saying for the most part, especially about contestants having egos etc. However, it is hard to take anything she is saying seriously when her favorite, Tara, seems to be the most arrogant, and has been acting so entitled.

michelle says:

I have to agree the show will not be the same without jillian.I most likely will not watch it if she leaves.

Alan says:

She should go. She was already thinking about it before season 7 and the decrease in her passion for the show has been visible this season. I doubt that she or any contestants are to blame in spite of what she says. She’s probably just ready for something new.

Jae says:

This would have been a great conversation but for the TERRIBLE interview skills of the interviewer! STOP TALKING OVER YOUR SUBJECT!!! No one wants to hear you giggle and make listening noises while Jillian is talking. Pitiful!

But Jillian was fantastic. Very honest and forthright.

Karen says:

I hope she’s just burned out! I can’t stand most of the contestants this season! It’s so sad that they forget how lucky they are to get the weight loss opportunity they have been given!

Gwen says:

Biggest Loser has already proven in the past that it is NOTHING without Jillian. She leaves, so do I. I can’t stand Bob, and even worse, I can’t stand every single trick they’ve pulled this season to try and give him a “win” that he can’t achieve otherwise. (and despite the tricks, will still probably not win anyhow.) Jillian is the heart and soul of Biggest Loser. Period.

Amanda says:

I really hope Jillian decides to stay. She has a lot of heart in her for helping people to change their lives. I have lost 130 lbs in the last (almost) 2 years here at home. I take A LOT of what she says to heart and have applied it in my life. I also picture her standing there screaming at me telling me not to stop until i puke. She motivates and inspires me- more than anyone else before. Please don’t go Jillian!

Brandi says:

You guys are really fired up about Jillian leaving. It would definitely create a different dynamic.

We appreciate the feedback on the interview style. The interview was about 20 minutes long and we had to do some editing to make two smaller pieces that people would want to listen to. Unfortunately, it didn’t come across as cleanly as we would have liked.

What does everyone think about the introduction of a new, third trainer?

simplyme says:

I have been very upset how Jillian has been treated by the contestants of the show. They act like she does not have feelings. I LOVE YOU JILLIAN!!! Anyway I thought I would give some love.

michelle says:

I would be all for it, only if jillian stays, otherwise nope. It would be like biggest loser aussie.. I say nbc should give jillian her own show, if she doesnt stay.

Heather K says:

I think that a third trainer would be great. Season four was my favorite season by far and it had three trainers. Though they would have to pick the right person of course. I really didn’t care for Kym.

Michele says:

Same here, if Jillian isn’t on the BL, I am not watching. She’s the only reason I started watching.

Lanie says:

I just can’t imagine the show without her. Shes too tough to let a couple of crybabys run her off.

Shelley says:

I really hope Jillian stays. I absolutely love her. I know it’s a game and all, but Jillian always shows how much she truly cares about people. She works to get them to understand themselves and be able to make changes in themselves FOR themselves. It’s not about gameplay with her…. unlike Bob.

Tess says:

I met Jillian in Jan 2008 at a health fair in Tacoma, WA. My husband and teenage kids went with me as we were all fans of Jillian and the Biggest Loser.

After meeting her and talking with her, we all became even bigger fans. She genuinely cares about people and seems to know exactly what they need to hear. My son (15 at the time) was a bit of a geek, tall and awkward, and very self-conscience. She took both of his hands, spoke to him and then gave him the biggest hug. She was such a boost to his self-esteem and he was walking on air for weeks afterwards! I will always adore her, for that reason alone.

If Jillian isn’t on the Biggest Loser, we won’t be watching it. She’s the ONLY reason we watch it. It seems to have lost it’s original intent and like she said, the contestants do seem very jaded coming in to it. I’m impressed by her self-restraint with the Tongan Twits. I would’ve been sorely tempted to rip Filipe a new one, the big baby.

I look forward to whatever Jillian does in the future. She’s a winner all the way.

Christy says:

Agree! I love Jillian, if she isn’t there, I’m not!

Kim says:

I hope she doesn’t leave. My husband loves to watch her and sayes he wish I could have her as a trainer. I would love to have her to help me with my weight journey. I think she would keep me straight. I am havine hard trouble staying on a diet now. I think she is great please don’t leave Jillian we love you on the show. I would love to meet her in person maybe she can come to my state someday and I can meet her.

jan says:

I don’t get the crybaby remark up there earlier. Jillian rocks and without her it will not be the same. NBC needs to get back to the reason this show has become the hit it is. Last season listening to Vicky and seeing what she posted on her door and listening to Bob’s team gang up almost had me quit the show. This year with the switch they pulled with the teams was a disaster. Having Bob apparently turn his back on his long time friend and take those losers back was ridiculous. The attitudes the last couple of seasons has blown as well so yea I think if Jillian goes we won’t be far behind. Give it a rest with Bob, I used to like him but he is into the games too much as well and this years blow up was not meant for evening television. Funny yes and well deserved without a doubt but come on this is prime time. I am tired of him showcasing on the show. We have actually taken to timing how much they show Jillian compared to Bob and how many mini commercials they are running as well. Jillian you rock and we love you please come back and kick butt again
NBC bring in another Kim or Bob and see ya

jan says:

one more thought when Jillian’s team won the “day off” they should have had to face up during the weigh in exactly how many calories each one ate while being tempted, what better way to show temptation will come back to bite you if you give in to it.

april says:

i freakin love her but if she leaves, i still have her to listen to every sunday. come on nbc- oblige for once!

Only Me says:

I love Jillian, and would really want her as my trainer.

This really makes me angry because I applied for Season 7 and would NOT have acted like many of the contestants act. I wasn’t chosen of course, but I would not have acted as entitled or arrogant as many of them appear to act.

I still want to be on the show. I need to lose weight and get healthy, and there are issues that are preventing that. Stuff I’ve never really dealt with, and I KNOW that Jillian would help me with that. I REALLY hope she doesn’t leave.

Jax says:

I hope Jillian stays too. I’m a huge JM fan. I stuck with BL when she left last time and Kim came on board, but it wasn’t the same. Kim was nice enough, but it just didn’t work. Bob and Jillian are now core elements of the show and to replace either would be foolish if NBC has the power to stop that happening. Lets hope that NBC has the sense to give her what she’s asking for. Given that BL is reguarly one of their top 3 shows each week, it would make sense for them not to mess with the winning formula.

Mark says:

Wow. What an incredibly honest interview. I agree with her about switching around the contestants with giving them trainers they don’t want to work out with is hurting the show. The last thing I want to see is someone telling off Bob or Jillian. They both are incredibly competitive when it comes to keeping their team around and I’d prefer to see the show work by uniting both teams with their trainer.

I have faith things will work out and Jillian will return. They need to work with her because i believe the things she is asking for is most likely good for the show.

Advntrgrl says:

I am right there with the Jillian fans. I didn’t watch Biggest Loser when Kim came on board because Jillian is why I watch. I am all about sucking it up and getting it done and I love her attitude. My only issue with her this season was shock and surprise with her comments regarding the contestants getting kicked out of the gym. She was saying that these people have to be in the gym to lose weight. I am a huge consumer of her exercise videos that I do at home, so I was really disappointed when I heard her say that.

Does anyone else think this was shady editing by the show or is this really how she feels?

Sandy says:

Without Jillian there is no Biggest Loser! I started watching the show when she came back on Season 4. Without knowing what the show was about I was immediately drawn to Jillian out of the three trainers. Her style was so straight forward and benevolent. If NBC wants this show to stay high in ratings I believe that I would give Ms. Michaels whatever she wanted.

The contestants have changed a lot compared to previous shows. I’m sure editing has some to do with it but NBC has also pushed their buttons just to make so called “good television” that most viewers don’t find as good.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Jillian last year and she is very genuine and down to earth. She really does care about the healthy lifestyle of individuals. If she does leave I’m sure her door will open even wider. At least she’s straight forward and honest about how she feels about the show. It’s about being healthy and not becoming a celebrity!

Karen K Briggs says:

I discovered this show about 3 years ago and love it. I LOVE JILLIAN!Bob is a creep,manipulator ,and just comes across most of the time to me as a fake. It is all about the game to him,,which is not why I watch. I think some of the things this show does to shake things up is awful.. I like the challenges but let the reward be about weight or family time . I think when it comes to elimination it should always be about the yellow line,,not who is popular or better liked,,or in a click. There are a whole lot of people that would love to be on this show for the right reasons not just about the money. GO JILLIAN,,WE LOVE YOU!

Rosie says:

I’m wondering if NBC needs to get different editors for BL?? The currect editors like to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Deb says:

Jill if you leave you should get your own weightloss show…you have lots of followers. I would be glued to the tv and I am sure others would be too…you would definitely beat TBL in the ratings.

Much love…and good luck with whatever decision you make.

Isabelle says:

The show would suck if Jillian leaves. She is the only reason I even watch it. You can actually tell that Jillian is not happy. I can anyway. I feel bad for her and I do hope NBC gives her what she wants. The show could be produced so much better but they seem to be all about the stupid gameplay and twists. And I was not shocked to hear Jillian say that Bob makes people not like her. You can tell that is what happens. He started getting on my nerves in season 4 of the show and I have tried to like him, but it has not been happening. If Jillian leaves, I guarantee the show will lose a lot of viewers. Didnt they lose tons of viewers in season 3 when she was not there? Now I am depressed.

Dev says:

I love Jillian, but Bob is just the best. They make a good duo. But off subject, is there anyone else who can’t stand Tara or is that just me? I mean its awesome she’s doing so well but does she always have to be a little competitve bia about everything? She’s way over bearing…

Michel says:

Wow, someone just sent me this link. First off, I love Jillians honesty in tis interview and on the show. I think that is one her best qualities on the show. She tells it like it is. I for one would not watch the show if she was gone. I have watched from the beginning and skipped out after the first episode of season 3 when Jillian was not there anymore. Bob, umm, they should replace him. He has gotten so annoying. And the contestants? Where are they finding them? What kind of screening process do they put these people through. Not a good enough one. Last season was ridiculous and this season, my god. I can understand why Jillian hated so many of them. I hate them just watching. I can’t imagine actually knowing them. I do hope NBC takes everything Jillian says to heart and she comes back. The show would suck without her, period. But if it comes down to her not being happy, I support her 100%. They need new producers also. As far as a third trainer? No!! Stupid. Although season 4 was awesome. And the reason it was awesome was because Jillian was the third trainer and wiped both Bob and Kim right out of there. No, the show will not be the same without her, at all. Everyone I kow that watches loves her. Good for Jillian for sticking with her guns. That makes me like her even more!

webgoddess says:

I just wish that Bob and Jill weren’t so competitive. I wish they were a lot more cooperative like they are in BL-AU, Michelle and Shannon are awesome and work well together and none of the contestants on BL-AU have a beef with either trainer. Plus in BL-AU all of the contestants have had workouts with both trainers. Why can’t they do that on the main show? Some of the contestants this year were just brutal to Jill, the casting agents need to do a better job of picking people who can embody the spirit of the show instead of being 100% focused on drama and gameplay. Competition can be fun but this year’s competition is vicious. Thankfully none of the contestants are as messed up as Vicky & Heba, but I think that they should have more respect for Jillian.

Jassy says:

Dev – I totally agree with you!!!!!!! I started thinking twice about Tara when week after week she would go on and on about how she had to work extra hard because Laura probably couldn’t pull the numbers she needed. Tara is so about patting herself on the back for every single thing. VERY arrogant. She has done great with her weight loss, but I’m wondering if some of these challenges were fixed. I started thinking that after she was pulling that car and came way from the back to beat Sione. Come on – she was so far behind, and then pulled out in front of the guys? To odd for me.

I would still watch the show if Jillian left, but I liked the idea above where someone suggested Jillian get her own weight loss show. I think she’d have a tremendous following!

Speaz says:

When we first started to watch TBL, we did not like Jillian and thought Bob was the better of the two trainers. Quickly though, Jillian’s emotional side came across. She not only puts a lot of effort into helping the team change externally, but also internally. Bob seems to only care about the external piece and the game. Every season we see Bob getting more focused on just playing the game, trying to be a manipulator versus a professional trainer. The fact that it IS a reality show more than likely causes this behavior.

This season, with the spoiled immature Tonga guys being allowed to do as they please really crossed the line. The producers must have liked the ratings spike from last years horrendous Vickie scenario and decided more conflict would be good for the show. It isn’t. It has become a distraction and the reason why we no longer watch the episodes in full and only switch back from time to time to get an update.

We can see the big smirk on Bob’s face now should Jillian decide to exit the show after this season. Will the producers be smiling when so many of us stop watching?

Debbie says:

Jillian, you may be upset with the contestants and their attitudes and think that you do not inspire people but you do, just by being on the show. You have inspired me to lose 30 lbs so far this year and I plan to keep going and losing another 70. I want to be a good mom to my 4 kids and sitting on the couch stuffing my face is not being a good mom. You made me realize there is a reason I am heavy and I am changing that. I bought your 30 day shred dvd as well and I love it! You are a great trainer, and I would hate it if you left.
I know the game play of it all gets to you, you can tell that when they come back from a reward challenge and you kill them in the gym. You are exactly what heavy people need to bust them when they stumble.
I went out a couple weeks ago with my husband and TOTALLY cheated on my diet, didn’t exercise that day or the next, and when I watched the show the next night (it was after they all went to Vegas and were pigs) I felt like you were talking to me (I wish you would have been here to kick my butt on Sunday).
What ever you decide good luck to you. You are awesome!

I liked Kim Lyons when she was on the show. I love watching the re runs with Kim on Fine Living Network. So if they brought her back I would love that. I love Jillian she is one who takes care of her people and gets a bond with them. However this season there are some contestants that are only there for the money, they may not say it but they sure act like it. (Ron and Helen) I to this day am still mad about Helen throwing the daughter Shannon under the bus. She needed to be there much more than HELEN did. Mandi and Aubry were a good team too. I really cared for Mandi, Aubry was too overbearing to me. But Tara needs to COOL DOWN or Chill out. What Filipe and his Cousin did to Jillian was wrong and they still have not apologized to her and SHE DOES NOT DESERVE THAT. So they wanted to train with Bob well Suck it up and take the opportunity to train with both trainers and open your self up to change. They missed out on a great opportunity.
This season definitely has me wondering.

mike says:

I agree that if I were a trainer, I would want control over a lot of the stuff that happens with my people. Otherwise it’s just a free-for-all, with people coming on looking to become celebrities instead of for the right reasons. That garbage is the reason that Survivor is such a crap show, that everyone on there wants to get their own show some day.

These people need to be broken down, stripped of the egos that are keeping them fat. You have to give yourself over to the process and stop acting like you already know what you’re doing. Clearly, someone who weighs 350 pounds has NO IDEA what he/she is doing with his/her health.

vbeadle says:

Jillian is the heart of the show – no Jillian?? No heart, no ratings, no show.

Kim belittled team members who didn’t work to her specifications (imo); Bob is getting way too hung up in the game play – he should never have stepped in with the cousins – he should have encouraged them to return to their coach (Jillian) and resolve their differences, not stepped in and welcomed them back (so not cool); Jillian’s military style works – break ’em down to rebuild them and their self-esteem up, find out what the real problem is and help them resolve it; without excuses or game playing.

AT says:

I love Jillian! I always have. Bob used to be okay, but I agree with just about everyone–he cares more about the game than anything else. You can almost see how bad he wants to win and beat Jillian, and has done everything possible over the past 3 seasons to beat Jillian, and he CAN’T! Jillian just quietly goes about training people and trying to get them to face their issues, while Bob tried to be the puppet master and control who his contestants gang up on, or vote off, so that he can win. And no one has talked about Kristen. She seems nice enough, but the producers must love hearing her talk because she is constantly talking. Oh well, the only saving grace of BL this season is that Vicky is not there. Several of my friends and myself emailed NBC about how horrible she was, and how destructive having someone who was obviously emotionally disturbed on the show was. I feel bad for her kids. Back to Season 7, do you notice how Jillian always encourages people to “talk to Bob” and work it out, but he never shows her that courtesy. She never would have behaved the way he did when S & F jumped ship like a couple of big babies. Just shows who the true trainer is, and more importantly, who is the better person. Jillian will be fine if she leaves BL, Bob needs it to feed his warped ego. Jillian, we love you and wish you nothing but good things. Good luck to BL…I can barely stand it this season and only watch to see Jillian, and hopefully to see some comeuppance for the Tongans. I will definitely not watch if Jillian goes.

Julie says:

If Jillian Michaels left The Biggest Loser, the show would eventually fail… plain and simple. I watched the season she left and note that’s the ONLY time Bob’s contestant won. This season has been rough and I believe that Filipe and Sione have been prima donnas! The way Filipe acted out, cried and pounded that table is ridiculous. I know the Mormons don’t teach their men to act like babies! And his incessant joking around at the expense of others, then crying when he doesn’t get his way is laughable. He points his finger and blames everyone else for his shortcomings. He and his entire family should be ashamed of his behavior! Bob was totally wrong and extremely weak in allowing Filipe and Sione to come back to him. What I like about Jillian is that she holds people accountable. Other than Bob flipping out on Joelle, he’s never had the “cahones” to make a contestant accountable. It would be a tremendous loss if NBC doesn’t fix what is wrong and keep Jillian on The Biggest Loser. She’s the heart of the show. She changes people’s lives and rebuilds their spirits!

Elle says:

I’m sorry, but this was such a poor quality interiewer. It was difficult to understand with her talking over Jillian 90% of the time. Anyway, I love Jillian and commend her for practicing what she preaches. If you are unhappy – take steps to change it. I totally agree with her about the show and hate all the manufactured drama that they do. I wish NBC/BL would realize that (most) people watch this show simply to see people achieve success, reach a goal, lose weight, and learn to be healthy. It’s as if as soon as the show was doing really well – the producers got worried about keeping ratings high and felt they had to insert more “drama” into the show. It wasn’t needed. Regardless, I doubt I would watch regularly if Jillian left. I’m sure she’d get another weight-loss show on another channel – and I’d just follow her to that. This would be NBC/BL’s loss.

Jill says:

Please stay Jillian! You are the best! I like Bob too, but Jillian ROCKS! I think some of the “game” that the producers are pulling (switching trainers??!!) is just plain mean. It was obvious that the players AND the trainers were not happy about that. IMHO, all of that emotional stress can hinder their weight loss (think about Mandi…!) I wish they would let Bob and Jillian train their people, have the challenges and let the scale speak for itself. Why add the drama and emotional choices to the mix? GAH! I would like it even MORE if the producers would just stick to the formula that works. I have to say, if Jillian leaves, I am done watching.

Also, I have a friend who has worked with Jillian before. My friend says that Jillian is truly passionate about her work and she is a very down to earth person. From the interview and from what I have seen on BL 7, I think Jillian is sick of all of the crap (drama, egos, etc) and she just wants to help people get a better life. I hope she gets what she wants! If you quit BL Jillian, you can train me!!!! I could care less if I am on TV or not, I would just love to workout with you!! 🙂

Sue Ann says:

Jillian will be missed if she isn’t on BL next season. I mainly watch it for her and Alison. Im really sad now knowing that she wont be on there but on the other hand she needs a break. So I just want her to know that she will be missed if she isn’t on the show. Jillian you are loved by so many.

katamb-Utah says:

I liked the trainer they had when Jillian left. Sorry I can’t remember her name. They can bring her back. Did it annoy everyone else when Ali and Michelle (both who I like) were giving the contestants the old pep talk this week? It just seemed so phoney – but then it’s all written for them, so maybe it’s what the writers think we want to hear. I totally agree about the big egos this season, and was very surprised at Ron, Filipe and Sione this week. I like them, but there was an nastiness to the competition this week. Have a great week everybody!!!!!

Kim says:

Jillian is one of the big reasons that my family watches “The Biggest Loser”. We love her. We don’t especially care for the male trainer.

If they replace Jillian, I most definitely will not be interested in watching the new season 8.

Marie says:

I found this interview VERY interesting and, thinking back, she doesn’t seem as into the show anymore. I am really curious about what this show has done to Bob and Jillian’s friendship (if there ever was one). I for one will continue watching TBL if Jillian decides to leave. I am not one to brush off a show because of someone’s departure.

Besides, Jillian must do what is best for HERSELF. Viewers have no right to expect her to continue with something that no longer makes her happy just because WE don’t want her to go. Regardless of t.v. persona, she is a real person with real feelings. Eventually, crap like this wears on every person.

I would like to see Kim Lyons again, she is a perfectly good trainer. The fact that she doesn’t do things EXACTLY like Jillian does not make her bad. Otherwise, NBC never would have hired her. I really can’t understand why some believe Kim has NO people skills. If that was true, she would not be a successful personal trainer.

LULU/JC says:

Please do not let Jillian off the Biggest Loser at all, she is the best and enjoyable person to watch,I just wished that she/Bob would have helps Ron lose amount of weight not just let him do it himself otherwise he would die easily on the show.. So Please please do not let Jillian off the Biggest Loser-she is very much fun and enjoyable to watch on TV at all times..

The Enemy says:

I know I’d strangle this if she were my trainer, but the show would not be the same without her. If she leaves, I’m done watching. She needs to start her own weight loss show/contest — it would almost certainly be run with more class, more integrity, less showmanship, less manufactured drama, and no stupid- scripted in-show commercials that insult the viewer’s intelligence. You can tell she’s tired of all the crap that has made BL almost unwatchable any more and it would be interesting to see what would become of it if she were in charge.

Tonya says:

Jillian you can’t leave!! The show will not make it with out you!! I don’t think I will watch it any more if you leave. So NBC needs to give you what you need and want if they want this show to stick around. YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU I know there is nobody out there that can do it as well as you.

huhwhat says:

I agree, Elle, great interview, when the interviewer wasn’t stepping on her words. Jillian revealed some intense stuff; it’s a good idea to stop interjecting and just let her talk.

And if Jillian leaves, I am done with this show.

cheryl says:

wow shes the best and the bich-e-est….but yeah she seems like shes phoning it in this season.

Elizabeth says:

If Jillian leaves, well sadly so do I..
We have watched EVERY season of TBL from the start…we were sad when they brought Kim in and let Jillian go and were oh so overjoyed when she returned. Jillian is BY FAR the best trainer they have.. she may be unorthodox, but she gets the job done, and she truly cares about her contestants. When Bob became all testosterone laden on Season 5, It really turned us off.. It is really where he seemed to turn as a trainer. Before that he was all peace and love, and during season 5 he was “Kill the women” it was disgusting to watch, and we were so overjoyed when Ali Vincent came from home to put his whole team on the run.. We are so glad she won, and has continued to be successful with her weight loss. Bob has become more about the winning and less about the overall picture. While Jillian definitely wants to win, she seems more “real” with the contestants.. male or female.
Season 7 hasn’t been the best, Sione and his partner are ridiculous. Bob should have had them work out their issues with Jillian, or at least spoken to Jillian on camera about what transpired. The addition of the Tongans to Bob’s team took his focus away from his team, and it wasn’t more evident then at that weigh in. I felt sorry for the other players on Bob’s team.
Regardless, Jillian will come out on top, whether she stays with TBL or moves on to something else. But if she leaves TBL, she will have a LOT of people leaving with her.
Atlanta, GA


I can’t believe Jillian has said this, I have been saying the same thing all season that the players have lost the meaning.
Ever since Jillian was talking with Ali on Season 5 and said to her that if you never find out the WHY you will never keep the weight off. I have never wanted anything more in ky life than the oppotunity to be on the biggest loser, because I would want to work with Jillian and give everything I have inside and out to this challenge to find out WHY I can never keep the weight off. I have gone to 3 casting calls since June 28, 2008 even flew to LA from the East coast for one. This show would never be the same.

Alecia says:

I think she’s amazing but if she’s not connecting with it and she’s as miserable as she says she is then there’s no reason for her to stay. I will miss her terribly and may not continue to watch the show if she’s gone, but she needs to do what’s right for herself. She needs to have a life sometime. Plus, there are many other ways for her to inspire and educate people better than just appearing on the Biggest Loser, in my opinion anyway. I wish her the best of luck.

Jayme says:

Awe, I love Jill. I hope she stays if not then that’s alright.
I’d rather have her be happy then miserable.

I did not watch when Kim was on, I only watch for Jill and to see what she does with the contestants.

She has been amazing on the show.

Regina says:

I love Jillian. She is the show for me. My friends and I have noticed that they haven’t been showing much of her this season and I guess that’s why. Guess I am going back to Idol.

janet says:

I won’t watch if Jillian’s not on!

Kate says:

My friends and I all agree we will no longer watch the show if Jillian is gone…she is definately the highlight of the show!

runfatgirlrun says:

I wouldn’t watch BL without jillian. I don’t think Tara is arrogant at all. I think she is misunderstood. I do agree there are many on the show this season I do not like but most of them are gone from campus.

Lisa says:

I hate Jillian! she is hateful and a nuisance! Good riddance! She thinks she knows everything, I can’t stand her “better than thou” pitiful, stinking, non-encouraging attitude! The contestants have gotten attitudes because she is unhappy and it flows through to them! Anyway, she looks like a part man in the face, to a man -wanna be- body! Biggest loser would be better without her!

Lisa says:

All you babies out there that are threatening to leave if Jillian does…you are no better that her…..when things don’t go your way, pitch a fit and quit….good example Jillian…way to motivate! You are supposed to show everyone how to keep going when things get rough and hard……do you even know what you are talking about? As for your sorry followers….the show will go on , and there will be those who still watch…millions will!

Liz says:

I have to say, this season seems really ridiculous (IMO I have always thought they could do a better job of educating people instead of playing head games and supporting people playing games more than honest working on losing weight).

I saw a clip on the Today show about Dane finishing a marathon with his wife… the producers of the show wanted him to cross the finish line with his wife so they could film it… so they filmed that even though he was way behind his wife. He went back and made up the time but ‘reality tv’ is more and more unreal…

I guess producers think we will just keep eating it up but i for one am getting tired of it… Nice to hear jillian voicing her opinions.. has to be hard to do her job as NBC has really amped up the ‘trainer drama’ this season… wish her well regardless of what happens…

Julie says:

I won’t watch without Jillian. Yes, she is out to make a difference. Yes, this is TV. So, when did things switch? A show where fat people had rapid lifestyle changes to save their own lives to fat arrogant actors dragging viewers into a fat persons bubble. Come on let Jillian use this platform to crusade against crappy food in schools and poisoned food in our supply chain.
BL … Season 7 has been painful to watch … It is sad when you hire an expert to train people and the trainee has the power to professionally insult the expert. So much for a reality show – In real life an expert is sought after and their knowledge respected.
BL needs to go back to the basics – Get the fat off, lifestyle change, demonstrate how and motivate. It is TV, so maybe the series has run its course. If so, then I look forward to seeing Jillian on a different show fighting the good fight.

KimSu says:

I hope Jillian doesn’t leave, but I agree with her that the show is getting strange. Too much ego. Switching trainers?? Please stop!! I hope Jillian holds out and gets what she wants. Thx for all the inspiration Jillian.

jem says:

Well, Tara IS from Long Island. People from Long Island think they are entitled, hence her attitude….

blahblahblah says:

If she is so miserable, she should just leave.
She acts like she is always the victim. She is so annoying.

Jan says:

Jillian has to stay! Season 7 has pretty much sucked ( mostly due to the Tongan cousins and Ron) Remember Kim Lyons?..gezzz that was a waste of a season. Jillian demands respect much in the way a drill sergeant does. When your contestants are 400+ lbs clearly they have no discipline of their own!
Keep Jillian. DUMP Bob Harper. He creates a lot of drama, by encouraging contestants to become dependent on him. I wouldn’t watch TBL is Jillian was gone. I joined the BL club because she motivates me to be better! That’s an awesome trainer. STAY JILLIAN!!

RLL says:

I live in the uk and have been watching Season 4 which is just being shown here. I also have been watching Season 7 and its clear to see the difference in JM between S4/S7. If she doesn’t return for S8 then I won’t be watching! In fact when I saw the 1st ep of S4 I was that into it until JM arrived.

Not a big Kim or Bob fan – and really not liking the little “info-mercials” disguised as healthy tips. Is Zip-Lock & Brita paying for this entire season of BL or something?

Kat says:

The reason I watch the show is because of Jillian. It was the greatest thing when she came back two seasons ago and then to have that team be the top losers. The show would not be the same and I would probably lose interest. The contestants these year are different and hopefully she can let this group graduate out and hopefully start with a new energized humble group of contestants who are given a great gift to be used and not abused.

chubzee says:

Jillian is my favorite !!!So happy to Sione go last night. I am sure Jillian will be happy when she finds out. Can’t wait to see the SMILE 🙂 on her face. Hope Fillipe is the next to go. I have to say Fillipe is one of the biggest babies I have ever seen on the Show. They both are soooooo annoying. Truthfully season 7 I can’t seem to click with any of the contestants. To much drama and not a lot of kickin’ butt. Seems like the majority has no drive to lose weight it’s just about the $$$. (Just my opinion) I hated Vickli & Hebba last season but at least they made the show Quite Interesting. lol..anyway
want to say..I hope Jillian stays…she stays. She has to!

Alex says:

Jillian does NOT deserve to go home. I really hope that she chooses to stay…
I think that they should choose GENUINE contestants… not “reality-TV” contestants. And quite frankly, if Jillian leaves the show, NBC will lose a million viewers like that.

Team Jillian!

Heather says:

DONT GO!!!!! OMG When Kim took over it just wasnt the same. And my favorite season so far is the one where you came riding back in on your motorcycle. That was just the best!! I totally get what you are saying about how the contestants are being. Its crazy. But honestly I am able to watch it and see that in how they act. And I can see that it is driving you crazy. But none the less, you are such an inspiration to me. I just can’t picture the show without you. Whoever is doing deals with Jillian GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS!!!!
Love you Jillian..

sue says:

Jillian make you happy!! Life is to short! I think success will follow you where ever you go! You will however be a great loss to BL fans including myself!

Chris says:

Hey, I wonder what Jillian would say about all this, since the interviewer KEEPS TALKING OVER HER.

Terri says:

Jillian please come back! You motivate ME every week through my tv set. I have your book. The world still needs you and your tough love.
Maybe just a bad batch of people this year. NBC should write that into their contracts that they can’t have a book deal/agent because of the show.. for 3 yrs..then people would go for the right reasons! Jillian Michaels + Beatings = RESULTS!

marlene says:

I knew about BL, but didnt watch until Season 6. Then I discovered the truly passionate, authentic person in Jillian! Jillian was the ONLY thing that has kept me watching (as I couldn’t stand the nastiness and distractions of power plays and personal conflict in S6).

I have developed so much respect for Jillian, her process, her ethics, and her personal investment in others, that I have searched for additional ways to get my motivational boost from Jillian. I have purchased every DVD (even those not in distribution anymore), purchased every book, discovered and listen to her radio show every week on podcast, and am searching for BL reruns to try to discover just one more pivitol conversation or training tip.

In my quest for re-runs, I found a few bonus scenes from Season 3 and skipped right through them (Kim just didn’t have that je ne sais quoi). And I almost missed tha wonderful “motorcycle comeback” in S4 thinking that there was no reason to watch and I should skip the S4 videos since Jillian was not leading the “red team”.

I will not be watching BL without her, but will be searching for her appearance elsewhere. If NBC is smart enough, and if the sponsors know I am buying Extra Gum, Brita (et al) because of her comments, we will see her continue with BL8.

In BL8, I would like to see more one-on-one coaching scenes (lifestyle, self-esteem, motivational, AND workout) than we currently see now. Last chance workout is just not enough Jillian for me. I even enjoyed the segment about Yoga that Bob did with his team. These things enrich while entertaining.

I don’t need to spend my valuable relaxation time watching people complain or plot…but I do need Jillian! She is my healthy obsession until I get there myself.

Betsy says:

I wonder if NBC has noted that Ty Pennington left Trading Spaces and its ratings have not been the same since…and he ended up with his own show. I hope they don’t make the mistake that network did, and let Jillian go. I think they need to do more to interview these people and let them know that there will be measures taken to ensure they aren’t there just for the game…that rules will be rules (if we move you to a new trainer, you are with that trainer and the trainer should have the right to send them home at any point for refusal to participate.) I used to love Bob, but I really dislike him now–he turns men into women it seems, weepy, blaming women, and they don’t know how to accept blame for themselves for what they do. It’s an embarrassment what he does to his teams–and they can’t make change until they take responsibility for whatever goes into their bodies. They will win when they stay above the yellow line. And they should worry about that, not about game play.

Nicole says:

If she does leave she should get her own show!

BLfan says:

hey, just wanted to say that I am a huge Jillian fan and was really upset when i heard she might be leaving. I just heard her in an interview with bill handel of kfi talking about organics this week and at the end he asked her if she was going to stay with BL and she said “yes for better or worse”. Now I’m really excited about the next upcoming seasons and I thought you guys would like to know.

Terry says:

The first reason I started watching “The Biggest Loser” is to see how people succeed at losing weight and regaining their health. The second reason quickly became Jillian Michaels and her bootcamp style of training. Since then, I found her radio show, books, etc. I still watch the show for the two reasons above but cannot stand the phoney product placements and the “reality”/conflict game approach of the show. For once, just once, they should have a season that isn’t offering the $250,000 prize. Simply having the opportunity to train for months with the best and regaining one’s health would be enough of a prize for so many. Nutshell: If Jillian’s gone, so am I.

Cyntha says:

Jillian is great. Someone from the inside who dislikes these wannabe celebs losing weight for all the wrong reasons.

mike says:

Jillian Michaels IS The Biggest Loser Show! No Jillian, No Biggest Loser. It’s pretty simple.
She talks about not bonding or even liking contestants like Vicky and Heba from Season 6. Would anyone in their right minds like those two !!! I’m sure both of them on back on the twinkies!!!!

Stay Jillian or the show is history!

blueeyes1996 says:

don’t leave jillian i would miss you so much.

blueeyes1996 says:

Lisa, It would not be better without jillian she helps everybody alot. I love jillian. You shouldn’t hate her.

Deevena says:

Jillian is the bomb! You can’t leave. I hope that NBC figures out that the drama is not what “us peoples” want to see but the true life happens from others and the difficults they face trying to accomplish that weight loss…Jillian gets ‘er done and she doesn’t hold anything back to get you there…I like that! Keep it up Jill.
NBC, don’t allow the contestants to say anything negative to Jillian or Bob. My god, they are there for the contestants and the contestants should be so thankful that they have the opportunity to be there. No one is perfect otherwise we wouldn’t have a show.

Lillian says:

Don’t leave Jillian!!

anonymous says:

Terry, I was just thinking there doesn’t even need to be a prize. Getting your life/health back is the ultimate reward. Even those who aren’t the Biggest Loser are winners (unlike second and third place on Jeopardy). I would enjoy more on health/psych issues regarding this epidemic of obesity than gameplay for cash that puts a focus on the wrong thing and people lose sight of what’s really important.

Tonya says:

Lisa I can’t believe how you just bashed Jillian. If you can’t say anything nice you really shouldn’t say anything at all. Sounds to me as if you are just jealous. Hate that for you!!!

blueeyes1996 says:

It would be very sad if Jillian left. Hopefully everything works out Okay!!!

Gretchen says:

Damn Lisa up there. You have some major anger issues or something. Get a grip on yourself. I personally think Jillian is extremely attractive. Man face/body? You must be pretty insecure about yourself to say that about someone else. I think you might need some help. Its called therapy.

I agree with the majority though. That show would be nothing without Jillian.

Jan says:

I agree last season and this season has been a disapointmernt. I think they should be so excited about losing weight, that the mean spirt some have shown wouldn’t be.

I also believe Jill is a great trainer.

Lisa you do need an atitude adjustiment.

Sam says:

When the Blue Team totally went off on Jillian and stormed out of the kitchen I was devestated for her. In fact, I was angry. That was totally unacceptable. It was not “good television”, not a compelling dramatic scene or even good storytelling. What it was is rude, disrespectful, and embarrassing.

For that reason and so many more I have felt really bad for Jillian this cycle. She got a bad hand dealt on a few occasions to be sure. But she still does her job, right? Yeah she wears it all on her sleve a little but so would any of us. Jillian should do what she has to do in order to be happy. She deserves it in return for all of the gifts we receive from her.

I can’t watch another Season of Jillian being treated miserably any more than I could watch a season without her on the show. NBC needs to right their ship, and fast. Just look at what happened to ER’s ratings after George and then Noah Wiley left, same thing.

Tommie says:

You deserve happiness, So whatever decision you make I hope you get that. Even though I love watching you kick their butts. I know your human. I got your back!

Ashley says:

NBC give Jillian what she wants. For most of her fans will not watch if she is gone. She does a great job . NBC your ratings will drop to nothing.

Lisa you need to change your attitude. You don’t have to be so nasty. Jillian is a beautiful person on the inside and out. Not so sure about you!

Nicole says:

The way Jillian was treated this season NBC should be begging her to stay! Anyone would be lucky to get the opporunity to train with her and I feel as if Flippe and his partner they did not treat or show her any respect. They should have been send home!!! Jillian rocks and NBC should bend and keep her. Everyone is right no Jillian no viewer.

Jen says:

Bob is actually my favorite trainer, however the way Jillian has been treated this year is horrible. I can not stand the blue team they are lucky that she did not open a can of whoop on them. Please stay Jillian… If they bring in another barbie doll kim I am gonna hurl.

Doc says:

I have several comments…

To the person who wrote “Well, Tara IS from Long Island. People from Long Island think they are entitled, hence her attitude….”: That’s amazingly dumb.

I agree strongly with those who are upset with the show for letting Sione and Felipe choose to walk away from Jillian and move to Bob… bad move.

I do not share with many of you the feeling that this year’s contestants (other than Felipe, Sione and, to a lesser extent, Helen) are “bad”. After the previous season of Witch Vicky and her clone Heba, the people this season are a welcome relief.

The show’s gimmick of switching trainers during the season was bad, and I hope it won’t happen again. On the positive side of this, the contestants can see different philosophies they can use when on their own…

I would love to be trained by Jillian, and hope she won’t leave the show. And, I’d be loved to be trained by Bob. They’re different, and seem to approach training in different ways, but both are experts in what they do and have unbelievable success with their people.

Jillian’s had some “birds” to work with in her stint… Felipe, Sione (who seemed to just be going along with Felipe), and that turkey Nick from season two… Remember him?

One of the posters made an excellent suggestion, in my opinion, that no money be given as the ultimate prize. I concur, and believe the show should be about WEIGHT LOSS not money.

I also would think that a way to avoid the “team mentality” and “coalitions” would be to simply send home the individual who has the lowest percentage of weight loss that given week. Forget the “drama” of voting… and let the scale do the voting.

I am hoping so much that things will work out for Jillian and that she’ll be with us for years. The show’s an inspiration to so many people around the world, and it would be a loss for the welfare of so many if it stopped airing… NBC should remember who it was who made the show what it is.

Jessica says:

I understand Jillian. I am glad to hear that you are feeling the same way about some of the contestants that I was during some of the past recent seasons. It does seem to be that they let the aspect of the game go too far. If I were lucky enough to be on the show I would care less about the money. Just having the privilage of being able to work with top trainers is reward enough. I love the show and I love it more when I see you and Bob keep it real. Put yourself out there and tell them at NBC that some of the things they have done is crap and that they have taken it too far this season. As for Heba and Vicky they can bite it—-they were mean and disgusting. Go for what you believe in!

pattygee says:

Jillian is great & so is Bob but my heart is with Jillian. She inspired me to lose weight & I lost 110 lbs in 9 months by counting calories & I joined a gym for only 4 months. It has been 6 months since I lost all the weight & have maintained it. I would have loved the opportunity to train w/her. She has many valid points & I hope NBC can work something out. The show will not be the same without her & I feel sorry for any trainer who has to try & take her place. Filipe & Sione disrespected her beyond words & hope Filipe does not win. Hopefully NBC will work this out with Jillian or it could be disaster for the show.

blueeyes1996 says:

Jillian do what you want to do. I am really would not want to watch the show if jill leaves. I want you to be happy. Does anyone agree???

carebear15 says:

ALRIGHT, EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALM DOWN!!!! I believe Jillian HAS signed another contract with TBL lasting her at least 2 more seasons. I for one would continue to watch even if she left. I LOVE both Bob and Jillian for different reasons. Would it stink if one of them left? ABOSLUTELY!!! Would I keep watching…..OF COURSE!!! Granted Bob and Jillian are a bonus to the show, but I watch for the contestants. I LOVE watching their transformations and seeing what they go through. Yes Bob and Jillian are role models and motivators. But, I see the contestants as the BIGGEST inspirations of all.

So far I have LOVED season 7. I didn’t care too much for season 6 because of Vicky and Heba. I couldn’t stand those 2. This season the only ones I didn’t care for were David and Joelle. Needless to say, I was glad when Joelle and David left. But, I felt bad for Daniel and Carla since they both wanted to be on the ranch. There are times I can’t stand Ron.

met says:

What ruins the show for me is the obvious product placements. My goodness it just keeps getting worst and worst. Having to push these items would have gotten to me as well. I wonder if that might have been an issue also

Anonymous says:

I love the Biggest Loser and everything it stands for, but to be honest, Jillian is the reason I tune in every Tuesday night! I love her! She is hot! I really hope she does not leave…just think of all the people out there that are influenced by her…she can’t leave! 🙁

Anonymous says:

Jillian is selfish and such a . I will be glad to see her go.

blueeyes1996 says:

Anoymous, you sound selfish! You should not be writing mean things about her. It would be sad if she left.

Rosie says:

I heard that Jillian has signed another 2 year contract with NBC, BRANDI can you confirm this?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Brandi says:

Yes Rosie, fans and non-fans – I have confirmed with NBC that Jillian is in fact staying with Biggest Loser.

Rosie says:

Thanks Brandi! I knew you would get to the bottom of this issue. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy! Love Jillian

Brandi says:

You’re welcome Rosie (and other fans)!!

blueeyes1996 says:

So Jillian is staying?? Yes or No??

blueeyes1996 says:

Okay! Yes!!!!! She is staying!!!! Thank-You Brandi!!!! Thank-you Jillian for staying!!!

blueeyes1996 says:

Are they going to have 3 trianers next season??? Do you know Brandi??? Thanks

Brandi says:

We don’t have any info about a third trainer. We know they were casting for trainers, but will likely have to wait a little longer. We’ll let you guys know as soon as we know!

blueeyes1996 says:

Thanks Brandi!! It would be different if they had a 3rd trainer.

James says:

Jullian, rocked the house on the show. I hope that she would stick another season.

Monica says:

i love jillian,if she’s going out with bob, i think they’re gonna make a perfect match =P

thine_tan says:

Hi! i’m from the Philippines, iám one of the of fans of jillian in Biggest Loser the reason why I watch it is because of her, I like the way she motivates her team on the show for them to lose weight. She also inspire me to lose my weight.

I do hope she will not leave the biggest loser show.

hope to get her email add.

thank you very much

I’ll be devastated if Jillian leaves. I love both Bob and Jillian but it won’t be the same with out her! So glad she has dvds, a radio show, extra to help us all out if she does leave.

marlene says:

I am REALLY EXCITED that Jillian will continue!! Good job NBC!! Now if we could just work on getting full seasons/episodes available from seasons passed, so those of us that didn’t discover Biggest Loser until 2008 can watch previous shows.

LOAD ‘EM UP WITH COMMERCIALS IF YOU WANT…I’LL STILL WATCH THEM ONLINE OR ON DVD IF THEY WERE AVAILABLE. I would love to see Season 4…sounds like I really missed out on the Jillian comeback. The marathons of previous seasons on Style, Bravo, and FLN are hit and miss.

richelle says:

where did you hear this marlene?

Tony says:

I love the Biggest Loser and I too would hate to see Jillian leave the show. But I gotta tell ya she does scare the poop out of me. Not sure if I could workout at her intensity. No, I know I couldn’t. But she is great with the contestants. She certainly tells them like it is and why not? That is why she is where she is.

Skippy says:

I actually think Jillian is a hypocrite. She is the one with the giant ego. She knows the camera is on her. I say good riddance.

Lucy says:

I like Bob much more than Jillian. If she left, a new trainer would breathe life into the show.

dionne says:

Jillian is the reason to watch, Bob is too immature and cares only about beating Jillian. After Heba and Vicky I almost refused to watch but Jillian brought me back. I have no qualms in turning this show off if she leaves

eve says:

This is all Filipe and Sione fault for insulting and screaming to Jillian and then changin teams. It’s not like Jillian picked them to be in her team, it was a coin toss. I’m glad they didn’t make it to the finally. It’s all about karma and they deserved it.

Ann says:

I hope Jillian stays. She is too ispirational to soooo many people. I know it gets tough for her, how could it not. I would say the same about Bob. They both have gotten more people up off the couch than any two people ever has. Jillian needs to see the whole picture like the contestants are told to do. She needs to see how much she is needed. I personally believe this has been the BEST season yet. I have the ones I dislike also, but I also have the ones I like that I know have been inspired by Jillian. Jillian this statement is for you if you see it. YOU LITERALLY HAVE SAVED A YOUNG MAN’S LIFE. I read that Mike wants to be a trainer and will be attending MCU. He will also go on to save lifes. How can you not be proud of what you have done this season.

Dawn Alea says:

What??????? Without Jillian there is no show!!! I’m one less viewer if the best trainer rides her Harley out of the show!!! C’mon Jillian, what do you need? I’m 4’10 on a good hair day and I’ll knock their knees off if they don’t do what you say, OK? It’s a deal, you’ll stay!!!!!!

Cara Worick says:

I have watched The Biggest Loser since it first started and Jillian has always been my favorite. She really makes the show. Bob used to be likable until his ugly colors show by making contestants hate Jillian. BL really took a turn for the worst when they cast Vicki, Heba, and Ed.

boci says:

I sincerely hope you stay Jill,
if she’s even reading this, lol. you have tons of fans here. And attitude is not another word for “mean.” That’s just how she is, she’s driven, if you can’t handle her than don’t sign up with work with her.

Jillian is amazing, she’s someone with enough heart to care about you and enough strength to kick your ass and make you care about yourself, and it’s awful to think how she’s wanting to leave because it’s stressing her out. She and Bob have even joked on her radio show about how they’ll be in their walkers and with canes on this show because they care about what they do—and now Jill’s wanting to leave…that says something had to happen to make her lose her drive, to make someone who cares so much about what she’s doing want to walk away from what’s she’s doing.

I watch the show for the weight loss, but also for the constant, mainly bob and jillian. you’ll never find a better dynamic than those two, as a unit and as indivisuals.

So, good luck Jillian, stay–please, PLEASE, PLEASE!, or leave, you’re awesome, never doubt that.



Brett says:

I agree with Lisa on this one. It bothered me the way everyone reacted when they had to switch trainers in the middle of season 7. I would give my left arm to workout with Jillian, but at the end of the day, only one person is responsible for your motivation: YOU.

I love Jillian, and she is a big part of why I watch The Biggest Loser; but she’s right about the egos and agendas that are coming to the ranch (nice to hear her acknowledge that whole Heba/Vikki fiasco from S6), and if that doesn’t start to turn around, then this show is doomed to become a gimmick.

They could solve most of that overnight if they dispense with the baloney concept of grading people on total percentage of weight loss and start assessing actual BODY FAT loss, but I digress.

It would be a crying shame to see Jill leave the show, but if she did, for the reasons she’s stated in this interview, I would have even more respect for her.

Mic says:

Without Jillian, the Biggest Loser will be the biggest loser. She is the one that gives authenticity to the show. She is the one who makes the show. With the exception of just one or two, this seasons cast were just big drama babies. The cousins should have been kicked off of the show by the producers for immature way they treated Jillian. That kind of disrespect should not be tolerated. Bob needs a swift kick for taking them in. Back off on some of the silly gaming stunts and get back to the original focus.

Jill says:

I don’t want Jillian to leave. Period.
Also, whoever is giving this interview is terrible. You interrupt WAY too much. This was painful to listen to. Why would you talk over the person you are interviewing? Annoying.

angie says:

Please do NOT let Jillian leave. She is SUCH a wonderful person. I watch BL every week because she inspires me so much. I have lost 26 pounds this season because of what the trainers do. I utilize the tips and they both inspire me so much. Jillian is the type of trainer that I try to be as a high school teacher. Consider working with her or the show may fail, which in turn, will cause many of us at home to also fail, making for a fatter, deadlier, America. :}Hugs to Jillian

Barbara Sawyer says:


Donna says:

I’d be glad if she went. I frequently fast forward the parts of the show that feature her. She’s so phony and always seems to be performing and posing and mugging for the camera. I’m sick of the artificiality. Every once in awhile, there will be a real candid moment with her, where she seems genuine and likable! I’d love it if she could be like that all the time. Over all, I prefer Bob. He’s very natural and unaffected in front of the camera, and therefore makes a real human connection to the audience.

lm4087 says:

I love Jillian. I really hope she gets what she needs to stay.
I can’t imagine BL without her. She inspires me every week.
She is the tough trainer everyone needs! I also like Tara.
I may be alone on this opinion. I like to see someone who
is competitive. She doesn’t make packs with people she
can’t keep. She tries to win, to stay in the competition.
Some call it irrogant. I call it strategy. She became the
one who inspired me, along with Jillian. I hate the little
don’t vote me off, and I won’t vote you off. Please! This
is a competition. I want to see their stuff on the court,
not in the living room.

concerned says:

I love the Biggest Loser show and it is a great family show. I have not enjoyed all the cussing that Jillian and Bob have done this time. I am not sure what has happened. I hear Jillian may leave, that will be sad, but if she stays I hope she cleans out her mouth.

Jasmine Creath says:

I really hope that Jillian is reading this. You have so much support behind you no matter what you choose to do. That being said I would really miss you on BL. You are the primary reason I watch. You truly want people to get better and change their lives from the inside out. Its too bad that ignorant ungrateful people take that away from the ones that really want and need the help that you so selflessly give. My husband and I won’t watch if you leave. It just won’t be the same 🙁

Jana says:

I wonder if she is leaving due to her relationship with Tara??

lauren says:

ok honestly. i’m only 17 years old and i watch this show for many reasons that most ppl my age wouldn’t think of. i watch it because it’s such an inspiration and i love to see it when ppl get their lives together and back on track. and another reason, jillian. i want to meet her so bad it’s not even funny anymore. i want to help others and her influence has instilled that passioninside of me. thanks jill! please don’t leave. too many ppl love you! that ratings will go down if you leave trust me. and if kim comes back then i’ll just have to….umm…hurt her.

lmetayer says:

I love love love Jillian I’ll be so sad to see her go! But I see what she means I wish I could have the opportunity to be on The Biggest Loser I don’t give a crap about agents and stuff like that I’d just love to have her help me get on track and stay on track! If Jillian leaves Biggest Loser it just wont be the same! *sigh*

Mary S says:

Biggest Loser is becoming sort of a joke to me last year Heba was so small but had no muscle tone, Vicki was just pure evil. This season Tara was the competitor to beat sorry but Helen and Jerry looked sickly. Has Biggest Loser lost it’s focus? Is it becoming just another reality TV show? If so I stand behind Jillian and her convictions. You got to love what you do to be happy. Jillian be true to yourself.

xemw says:


Your ignorance disgusts me. I am in no way arguing that Jillian Michaels is an incredible, genuine and knowledgeable trainer. She is amazing – her body of work speaks volumes.

The Biggest Loser is a competition. It is a reality television show. It changes lifestyles’ but it also gives contestants the opportunity to win 250K and we witness the pieces that make it past editing.

For people trying to lose weight, the process is physical and emotional. Sione and Filipe have both said that they connected better with Bob than Jillian. Tess, who are you to judge-were you there. Perhaps, the cousins’ communication and delivery could have been better, but consider what they are playing for and what they are overcoming physically and emotionally.

You refer to them as the Tongan Twits; what role does ethnicity play. Suppose it was Mike and Ron – would you still include race; like Cretin Caucasians. Hopefully not, if ethnicity does not matter then why bring it up, Tess.

Racism is alive and well.

richelle says:

i am soooo thrilled jillian is staying!! and am excited they have already started taping for season 8!

I agree that jerry and helen did not look very healthy.. infact helen looked a lot older

eloise says:

I really like both Bob and Jillian. They inspire people in different ways. They also both appear to be excellent trainers to me. I don’t think anyone really cares who wins the money at the end or who trained the person who won it. We’re interested in the training and weight loss process. The rest is just fluff we have to put up with.
I wish more attention were paid to the psychology of the contestants. You don’t lose a hundred or more pounds without some serious psychological changes going on (probably for the next few years). Ron’s family is a good example. Ron worked (consciously or unconsciously) for years to have his sons gain a few hundred pounds. Now he plans to just as earnestly help his son Max lose a few hundred pounds. That element of control is still there. And what about the mother of this family. What’s her role in this — she has two sons who weighed over 300 pounds. Why didn’t she intervene and get them some help rather than let the father “abuse” them with food. All the cheery talk on television about father and son bonding and how they are now going to help Max is just masking the kind of psychological turmoil that family will undergo pretty quickly. And Helen pushing her daughter aside so she could stay on the show? What is it in Helen that allows her to do that? And what does her daughter think about it now that she knows that her mother will put herself first, even in situations which are life threatening: Tara’s unrelenting competitiveness coupled with behavior that is always at the extreme, for example her crying at her injured partner going home to get well? Felipe and Sione’s meltdown when made to switch trainers? What goes on here and who steps in to counsel contestants as they go through this journey?
I wish the show focused less on games and prizes and more on this entire life-changing process. And I would like to hear the conversations occasionally between Bob and Jillian. They must discuss their training with each other and I would find their insights interesting.
NBC is crazy if it doesn’t support both Jillian and Bob in changes they suggest. No one watches TBL because they want to see another game show. Season 8 will be turned off pretty quickly by many if it’s just more and more commercials and games and prizes. Hello? It’s supposed to be a reality show.

Jennifer says:

Hey Everyone I just came across this where Jillian says she is doing seasons 8 and 9! Check it out! I felt much better after reading it!

cindy says:

OMG. This was a great, news-breaking interview BUT some advice to the interviewer: SHUT UP!

When Jillian starts talking about how she “hated” her contestants — a quote that could have made international news — it is NOT the time to talk over her by saying, “That’s really unfortunate.” Guess what? We don’t care what you have to say — we care what Jillian has to say. But you talked over her so much, she quit talking half the time.

Learn to be quiet!!!!! You’re not her friend — you’re an interviewer. If a person like Jillian starts rambling on about hating contestants, just shut up and enjoy the ride! Or, ask a follow up question: “What’s an example of something the constestants did to make you dislike them?” But don’t giggle or say stupid empathizing statements like, “That’s so unfortunate.”

Also, don’t interview a person of Jillian’s stature on a CELL phone. Your voice and all your listening noises were even louder (and thus more annoying) due to reception issues from the cell phone.

Lexi says:

In this audio video, Jillian names some people she had issues with and I couldn’t agree more. They were the very reason we actually switched channels on multiple occasions. I got so tired of some of them being so nasty.

What is with Bob? Is he really this nice guy or what? Why would all ‘his people’ have that attitude about Jillian but Jillian’s do not about Bob? My family and I have actually started to not like Bob very much and we watch only to see Jillian kick butt! We love her. I purchased one of her exercise videos. Good heavens I’m still on the very first level. That has NEVER happened to me before. I usually can jumpt right to the hardest or at least medium leve but oh no, not with Jillian.

I hope they give her what she wants and I hope a part of what she wants is to get rid of the phony people and the jerks and stop Bob from playing mind games. I just want to see the show the way it used to be like in the first few seasons. It was really good then, all about weight loss.

Some of the things they advertise are clearly not good for you so I wonder how Jillian feels about that too. I hope that is also a part of her bargaining.


Jo says:

I am surprised not to have read this anywhere else. I know I might watch the first episode or two of the new season if she doesn’t return as a trainer.

She is the entertainment in the show– loud, abrasive, but funny all the same. Bob is too nice and when he snaps, he’s like a menopausal woman snapping out and it is short lived.

STAY JILLIAN! Or at least get another show or something. 😛

Jo says:

*Forgot: I agree with the prior postings. I don’t know what happened with the show; but why is it the BLUE team gets so closed off? They appear to purposely seclude themselves from the black team and disregard the fact that for a lot of the season, they are working FOR themselves or just their solo color (ie. green/pink/etc.).

Bob’s team always gets brainwashed. Look at Philipe– he was almost in love with Bob. He wouldn’t do anything for Jillian. Hello!?! This is a weight loss show! Exercise– and be happy someone is paying for your health care, fitness /etc. Don’t worry who is! This is for your life, not to be buddy buddy with a damn trainer.

Titus says:

OMG that just blows my mind. Jill you can’t go…. You have done so much for us big people….don’t get me wrong I like Bob to but Jill you really motivate us in getting out there and lose weight. It has taken me 2 yrs since I started watching Biggest Loser to lose 104 lbs. I don’t think that I would be able to lose more weight with out you give us advise and cheering us on… Your such a good trainer and I would hate to see you leave. Please reconsider….

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