Kiwi: A Hidden Nutritional Gem of a Fruit

Healthy fruits and vegetables don’t have to be restricted to the standard fare we’re all used to. Take kiwi for example. When was last time you had this exotic little fruit? Never, you say?kiwi

The green fruit with a fuzzy exterior packs a powerful nutritional punch. In fact, Rutgers University conducted a study of the 27 most popular fruits (can you name 27?), and they named kiwi the “most nutritionally dense” among them.

Here are some of the many benefits of kiwi:

  • It gives you a full day’s worth of vitamin C
  • Contains potassium, which is good for protecting against high blood-pressure, among many other things
  • Contains the antioxidant-rich vitamin E, and lutein, which helps promote good vision
  • Like most fruits and vegetables, kiwi is a low-calorie treat, with a meager count of 50 calories each
  • Has more fiber than apples and twice the amount of vitamin C as an orange
  • A study found that kiwi can boost the natural defenses of your body, improve muscle performance and digestive health, and reduce cell damage and inflammation
  • Kiwi also helps reduce damage from free radicals, which can lead to long term diseases like cancer
  • It’s great for protecting the body from winter colds

There are plenty of ways you can eat kiwi: in fruit salad, as a yogurt topping, in chutney, and on its own like any other fruit.

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