Nike Lets You Run and Raise Money With Donate Japan Campaign

Nike has launched “Donate Japan,” a campaign designed to encourage people to log the kilometers they are running to raise money for the relief efforts in Japan after the March earthquake and tsunami devastated the country.

The way the campaign works is runners make a small donation between $5-25 to the American Red Cross and then use Nike Plus to log as many kilometers of running as you can over the course of 30 days. Many companies and individuals have teamed up with Nike and will donate money for each kilometer you run.

Nike Plus is advanced technology that makes cardiovascular training more enjoyable, competitive, and motivating. The program keeps track of your distance, best times, calories burned, and length of trainings, and also offers integrated online challenges, like “Donate Japan,” where you can compete with friends, family, or strangers all over the world.

If you really want to make a difference, encourage your friends, neighbors and coworkers to sign up for “Donate Japan” and plan daily runs in your area. You can even host a 5k or half marathon and really bring in the money for this great cause.

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