No Waste Ideas for Leftover Easter Eggs

Peter Cottontail has hopped all the way down the bunny trail leaving you with an abundance of brightly colored hard-boiled eggs. Seeing the fridge full of the fluorescent eggs can leave you feeling a little intimidated and at a loss of what to do with them all. Rather than throwing them out, try some of these ideas to get the most out of leftover Easter eggs.

Deviled Eggs. This dish and Easter go together like turkey sandwiches and Thanksgiving. This recipe from SparkPeople uses Greek yogurt as a substitute for the usual mayonnaise, making them a lighter version of the side dish. The dye from the shells will stain the egg whites a little, making post-Easter deviled eggs prettier than their less festive counterparts.

Egg Salad. This is another traditional way to use up leftover eggs. This version has only six ingredients and takes about ten minutes to prepare. If you’re not an egg salad person, you can also use leftover Easter eggs instead of plain hard-boiled in this healthy tuna salad or chicken salad.

Meatballs. Not everyone is an egg person, especially in the days after Easter when it seems every meal is an entry in “Iron Chef America: Battle Hard-Boiled Eggs.” If that’s the case, try putting them in meatballs. This stuffed chipotle meatball recipe is a clever way to use up eggs in a less obvious way. Though the recipe calls for ground beef, try substituting ground turkey for less calories and fat.

Keep the Shells. Once you’ve used up the eggs, you’re going to be left with quite a few eggshells. Shells can be used in a variety of ways around the house and are especially good for gardening. Crushing up the shells and putting them in the garden can deter pests like slugs and snails. They are also a great addition to compost. If you want to admire your Easter eggs a little longer, remove the shells carefully and use the empty halves as starting pots for seeds. Once the seedlings are big enough, transplant them into a larger pot or the garden, shells and all.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse out the eggshells before using them. Also, if you are planning to cook with the leftover Easter eggs make sure they aren’t left out for too long. Nothing will ruin a happy Easter faster than a bunch of rotten eggs.

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