Octavia Spencer Loses 20 Pounds with Sensa

Octavia Spencer, the Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress in The Help, is the new spokesperson for Sensa. Since assuming her newest starring role, she’s lost 20 pounds in five months; weight loss featured in this newest Sensa television commercial. The actress was noticeably heavier when she played the role of Minny Jackson flawlessly; but in these recent images of Octavia it’s clear that she’s either avoiding the chocolate pies altogether or using Sensa to allow her to still indulge.

Sensa, known as “the sprinkle diet,” claims to help reduce the feelings of hunger by telling your brain you’re getting full faster. They suggest that by simply sprinkling the powder, or “tastants,” on everything from pizza to french fries your portions will be automatically controlled. The star said that if she is told she can’t have something, typical for other diets, then she’ll obsess over. But with Sensa, she can enjoy whatever her heart, or for that matter stomach, desires.

According to a “How does Sensa work?” video by the brand, the company claims the sugar- and sodium-free crystals will help you lose 30 pounds in six months. Whether or not Sensa is a miracle drug remains to be seen, although it’s not likely. In November of 2022, Sensa was forced to pay $800,000 in penalties for their false weight loss claims.

The star is catching a bit of flak for partnering up with the fad-like diet supplement, as fans have taken to Twitter to express their distaste.

Maybe Octavia, who we must admit looks amazing in the new ad, will “help” clean up Sensa’s image. As for her own image, she says her motivation to lose weight is for health and not to meet the idealized standards of Hollywood.

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