Opting for Chemotherapy: Have I Been Poisoned?

By Carol Dunlop at OptimumBodySculpting.com

When I first informed friends and online followers that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had decided to move forward with chemotherapy, I received so many opinions that I couldn’t think. In the end, I had to fall back on the old saying about opinions—everyone has one—then move on. Wow! I heard everything from “Wait, don’t do it!” to “you’re being poisoned and your body will never recover” to ”why?” It really took me by surprise as to how deep peoples’ opinions run. I also received a lot of positive feedback, but you always remember the negative more, don’t you?

So after I digested everything and scratched the rest, I opted for the temporary “poison.” I didn’t feel that pumping my body full of supplements with their own side effects was worth the risk of maybe not working. I can honestly say that the chemo has been …well, not that bad. Yes, I did get sick, so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed for a couple days, but of the five treatments, so far, to have just one like that has to count for something, right? And now I’m on my last one. Yeah! Double Yeah! I feel that I have been through the fire and back with this whole process. It really isn’t over because now I have hormone therapy to look forward to.

But, all in all, I have “stuff”  to look forward to. At least, I am one of the fortunate ones who is alive to complain. I don’t take my survival lightly. I cherish every day, moment and precious soul that comes into my life.

I may be poisoned, but I’m working to get the poison out of my system after it does the job of killing any left-over cancer cells, as quickly as possible. I do cardio workouts a couple days per week, as I feel up to it. Now that I have days open to schedule workouts instead of doctor visits, I can take back some control over my life.

So poison, maybe, but I’m alive to contemplate the answer and I’m moving forward with the determination to stay that way.

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