Our Favorite Easter Brunch Recipes for a Fresh and Inspired Holiday Meal

If the weather won’t do its part to prove it is spring, then the calendar will have to do. Easter is the official go for launch for this sunny season and everyone is ready to shake their cabin fever. As you join friends and family this weekend to celebrate the holiday, add a few healthy dishes to your brunch spread. You’ve no doubt got the eggs covered, so let us cover everything else!

Our Baker’s Dozen eCookbook has 13 fresh breakfast and brunch recipes that are healthier than your average pancake or strip of bacon. From sweet potato hashbrowns and a sunny side up breakfast sandwich to blood orange mimosas and apple doughnuts, your mornings will never taste better. It’s all the inspiration you need to celebrate Easter morning. Download yours for 99 cents!

Apple Cinnamon Streusel Doughnuts

This moist whole grain doughnut is baked with sauteed apples and cinnamon right on top. It’s like dessert for breakfast or breakfast for dessert. Either way, it’s a wonderful way to start your holiday morning.

Melon Ball Soup

It doesn’t get much simpler than a two-ingredient recipe. Chilled cantaloupe and watermelon are pureed and topped with your choice of garnishments like cilantro, mint, or feta cheese for a delightfully surprising brunch appetizer.

Blue Corn Pancakes

This savory pancake is a hearty way to rethink this brunch staple, all while giving your guests a boost of fiber and antioxidants. Our original creation for NatureBox can be made with dairy ingredients that are easily substituted for a vegan version.

Chicken Pot Pie Empanadas

It’s not all waffles and omelets at brunch, the luxury of this mid-day meal is blending foods that otherwise would never see the light of day together. That’s why this chicken pot pie empanadas make a perfect brunch addition. This original creation for Fit Bottomed Eats packs everything you love about this winter classic into a flaky hand-held pastry.

Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

Just three ingredients and half an hour are all you need to make a fresh, homemade jam that will brighten the center of any brunch spread. The earliest strawberries are coming in to season, so this sweet condiment will be perfect for topping those blue corn pancakes.

Fat Free Creamy Feta Salad Dressings

Both of these homemade salad dressings are fat free and under 30 calories per serving, and we did it with fat free Greek yogurt and feta cheese. Use the Cilantro Lime variation to dip veggies or the Strawberry Basil variation to dip fruit, or either can top a fresh tossed salad.

Egg Baked Avocado

Eggs, avocados, and 15 minutes are the ingredients for this very unique brunch recipe. Hollow the center of an avocado, crack an egg (if the bunny didn’t hide them all), and bake in the oven until cooked through. It’s fresh, light, and full of healthy fats and protein.

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