Our Favorite Registered Dietitians on Twitter Sharing Nutrition Advice 140 Characters at a Time

Dietitians are some of the most unsung heroes in our country, and today we get to celebrate them. National Registered Dietitian (RD) Day is every March 13, an event organized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics now in its sixth year.

These men and women are tasked with the vitally important job of keeping our country healthy and well, something many of us turn a blind eye, too. Dietitians go through extensive training and achieve a level of expertise that gives them the ability to translate vast nutritional science in to something consumable and understandable for the general public. Their extensive education can often involve multiple degrees and highly coveted internships with major hospitals and universities where practical study gives them an even broader knowledge base.

And the reality of the job isn’t as specific as you might think. Dietitians work one on one with clients (or patients) in a clinical setting, but they also work in schools, health clubs, doctor’s offices and hospitals, in the food industry for food producers and restaurants, and much more.

You’ll even find them on Twitter disseminating health and nutrition information and working hard to keep Americans healthy 140 characters at a time.

Without further adieu, we introduce our favorite dietitians on Twitter, including our resident nutrition expert Mary Hartley, RD.












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