Rachel Beller’s Plate for National Nutrition Month

This is my absolute fave breakfast solution, and something the Biggest Loser contestants all love! The Fiber Fix Yogurt Parfait quickly became one of their go-to options for a quick, easy, delicious and good-for-you breakfast.

Despite the word “cake,” the stats are anything but dessert-like: each mini cake contains only 80 calories, and a hefty 13g of fiber. The contestants call these cakes “hockey pucks” because of their appearance, but they’re surprisingly moist and tasty.

It takes one minute to warm the cake up and crumble it over Greek yogurt, add a dash of cinnamon and some fresh berries on top for an antioxidant boost and you have a guilt-free homemade parfait.

Cinnamon can potentially help regulate blood sugars and may also burn fat, so it’s a win-win!

Greek yogurt dishes offer more protein than milk, which will also help regulate your blood sugar (key in the fight against diabetes and cancer), and will keep you energized long after the carbs burn off. Plus, Greek yogurt contains immunity enhancing probiotics that also aid digestion. Mix in a high-fiber cake and the combo will not only offer up great energy, but will keep you regular.

The mini fiber cakes come in a six pack in many health food stores. If you can’t find them, ½ c. of high fiber cereal makes for a great replacement.

– Rachel Beller, MS RD, Biggest Loser Nutritionist

March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Get Your Plate in Shape,” focusing on MyPlate. We invited nutrition and fitness professionals to share their typical plate to give you a glimpse of how some of the healthiest people in the country eat on a daily basis. See the series.

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