Satisfy a Carbohydrate Craving on a Diet

Carbohydrate cravings can be pretty intense. Although they’re typically associated with stress, carb cravings can hit for a variety of reasons. The true cause of most cravings among dieters is habit. We have a tendency to grow comfortable with the way we handle our cravings and it quickly turns into a way of life.

Let’s take a step into the confessional: I once was so distraught over a fight with my father (a total cliche, but I swear it’s true!) that I drove to the store, bought a loaf of french bread and ate nearly the entire thing while I thought about what I should do- no joke. Needless to say, that wasn’t my proudest moment but we all have demons to face and apparently one of mine is artisan bread.

It took me some time to gather the common sense and knowledge that supplied me with the tools to fight my carb cravings. I’m happy to say that I rarely notice carb cravings anymore. Here are a few of the tips that brought me success. I hope they work for you too!

Learn to love whole grains If you’re not used to whole grains then it can be a challenge to switch from white bread to wheat. I fell in love with Dave’s Killer Bread and can’t stand white bread anymore. Another line of whole grain products that I adore is Kodiak Cakes. They make awesome pancake and brownie mixes!

Don’t let yourself starve Severe spikes in blood sugar cause cravings to get out of control. Eat small meals throughout the day so that you don’t experience any extreme hunger, which will leave you susceptible to overindulging.

Include carbs as a healthy part of your diet A balanced diet includes some carbs. If you try to cut them out completely, your body will rebel by asking for what it needs.

Identify your carb-craving trigger Mine is clearly stress. Yours may be boredom or any other number of emotions and situations. Pay attention to how you feel and what’s happening when you start craving. Devote some time to alleviating the cause of your craving for a long-term solution. Stress-reducing techniques such as yoga and reading helped raise my happy-hormone-levels without succumbing to the temptations of excess carbs.

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