Satisfy a Sweet Craving on a Diet

Like all cravings, an urge for something sweet is best handled by practicing moderation. When you’re trying to satisfy your craving, remember to eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Step away from other distractions so that you can focus on your treat.

Make an effort to identify why and when you crave sweets. Focus on new ways to achieve the same pleasure you receive from satisfying your craving. Eliminate your triggers (such as eating before a party or not keeping sweets in your pantry) and allow yourself small, healthy rewards.

Small amounts of fruit-based desserts are often enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. If you crave something sweeter than a bowl full of berries, then use a limited amount of sugar or other sweetener.

Many sugar-free products are labeled as “health foods” but aren’t necessarily so. Alternative and artificial sweeteners have side effects of their own. Some researchers suggest that sugar substitutes can be responsible for spikes in blood sugar, increase in cravings, weight gain, headaches, diarrhea and more. It’s may be worth noting that aspartame and saccharin have the worst reputation of the bunch. Stevia, on the hand, appears to be a wise (and low calorie) choice. Typically, the most natural forms of sweetener (such as stevia, honey and raw cane sugar) seem to have the least amount of side effects. It’s important to research your sweetening options and choose wisely.

Some table-sugar alternatives include:

It’s perfectly fine to indulge in something sweet, if that’s your thing, but keep track of all the sugars you eat. This is especially important if you’re diabetic. Everything you consume will affect your health in some way.

A few of our favorite diet-friendly desserts at Diets in Review are:

Apple Cinnamon Fruit Dip

Babycakes Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Banana S’mores

Butterscotch Peanut Butter Pudding Mousse

Creme Brulee

Deep Dish Apple Rhubarb Pie

Diabetic Oatmeal Cookies


Fruit Trifle

Honeyed Mangoes

Key Lime Pie

Low Carb Tiramisu

Red Velvet Cupcakes

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