Save Yourself a Trip (or Five) by Planning Your Meals in Advance

We all know the feeling: the rushed, slightly panicked sensation when standing in the middle of the grocery aisle after work trying to find something healthy for dinner. Why not relieve some of that stress?

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Our friends over at Shape Magazine have a great meal plan full of delicious-sounding recipes like Roman-Style Roast Chicken or Herbed Rice that can be made with simple fridge and pantry staples. The best part is, everything can be purchased ahead of time, so you just have to make one trip the grocery store a week. All it takes is a little planning ahead and you can avoid a “what am I having for dinner” moment or an emergency fast food run.

Though we love Shape‘s suggestions, we couldn’t resist adding some of our own favorite recipes to the list of easy, healthy, plan-ahead meals. Use the shopping list created by Shape (featured below), or make up your own based on your preferences, and cut down your grocery shopping to once a week!

Suggested Grocery List

1 bunch parsley

1 head broccoli

1 head cauliflower

2 (10-ounce) bags salad greens – These would go great with a creamy, homemade Feta Salad Dressing

1 sweet potato

1 avocado

1 lemon – Lemon adds great flavor to our Apple and Herb Dutch Oven Roasted Chicken

1 head garlic

100% whole-wheat sandwich bread

Whole-wheat pitas – Mediterranean Chicken, Pear, and Arugula Stuffed Pitas are a great dinner for nights you’re on the go

1 pack 6-inch whole-wheat tortillas

Natural almond butter

1 tin anchovies

1 jar black olives

Fennel seeds

Red pepper flakes

1 dozen eggs – A Vegetable Frittata makes for a healthy breakfast you can customize to your tastes

1 wedge aged Parmesan cheese

Low-fat cheddar cheese

8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs – Use the chicken in recipes that will leave you with delicious leftovers like Chicken Taco Soup

1 pouch (4 ounces) smoked salmon

Long-grain brown rice

Rolled oats

1 can (3 ounces) low-mercury tuna

1 can (15 ounces) no-salt added chickpeas – homemade Pumpkin Hummus is a great alternative to store-bought hummus varieties

Low-sodium chicken broth

No-salt added tomato sauce



Dijon mustard

Extra-virgin olive oil

White wine vinegar

Cooking spray




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