The Fast Diet Promises Fat Loss and Improved Brain Function from Skipping Meals

  • “The Fast Diet” is all the rage in England, and now it’s sweeping the U.S. Its creator, Dr. Michael Mosley, believes it’s a new means to losing weight and eating your way to a longer life.
  • The basic principle is fasting two days a week, and eating whatever you want the other five days.
  • The maximum dieters ever go without food is 12 hours. On fasting days the average intake is 25% of a normal day’s calories – an average of 500 calories for women and 700 for men. These meals primarily consist of protein and vegetables.
  • Mosley created the diet after discovering his fasting glucose levels were that of a diabetic, and after losing his own father to diabetes. Following “The Fast Diet,” the author lost 20 pounds, decreased his body fat percentage from 28 to 19%, and reduced his glucose levels to normal.
  • Studies on fasting show that when rats are deprived of food, their brains start to produce a protein that not only makes them happier, but also smarter. This research is now being conducted in humans.
  • Studies revealed that people only ate 10% more food on their “feast” days than their fast days, due to decreased overall appetite. Plus, women cut their risk of breast cancer by 40%.

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