The iYoga Premium App Provides a High-Tech, Virtual Yoga Teacher for Anatomy Enthusiasts

Anyone who attempts an at-home yoga practice is familiar with the many distractions that can get in the way of our time on the mat. If it isn’t the telephone ringing, the neighbor’s dog barking, or the baby waking, it’s the lack of having a teacher to follow. Even the best yoga DVDs may leave us bored and uninspired after hours of viewing the same personality guiding us through the same practice.

Today, the advancement of technology enables at-home yoga enthusiasts the ability to bring a virtual yoga instructor into their living rooms. For those interested in a no-nonsense yoga teacher stripped down to the nuts and bolts of muscle and movement, a new app called iYoga Premium delivers your high-tech option.

Brought to you by 3D4 Medical in collaboration with Yoga One studio in San Diego, iYoga Premium provides more than 190 different yoga poses skillfully captured and demonstrated by a model that looks like she stepped off the page of your Grey’s Anatomy book.

Designed to highlight muscle action and precise movement, iYoga Premium also enables users to create yoga routines and sequences, as well as follow a preset program. With multiple views and detailed voice instruction, participants can deepen their understanding of the biomechanics behind each pose and customize his or her practice based on personal needs.

Yoga teachers and yoga teacher training schools may also find this app beneficial as a study aid, because iYoga Premium offers isolated muscle views relevant to teach poses. Having a visual component to learning muscle anatomy is very helpful, although if it is a distraction, the isolated muscle view option can be switched off.

If the size of your iPad or iPhone screen is a hindrance to experiencing maximum enjoyment of these highly educational virtual yoga classes, iYoga Premium can easily be mirrored to your HDTV through Airplay.

Think you would get bored with the anatomy book model look-alike? Think again! There are more than 600 muscles in the human body, and the variety of yoga poses iYoga Premium offers has the potential to work every single one of them. Whether you are an anatomy geek or just a lover of yoga, you will no doubt have hours and hours of enjoyment from this yoga app.

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