The O Magazine Feast: Oprah’s First Ever Food Issue

by Dani Stone

On Tuesday, March 13th, do NOT go to the newsstand hungry because the April issue of Oprah Winfrey’s O, The Oprah Magazine is being advertised as the first ever Food Issue! Inside you’ll find a Q&A with Oprah and longtime partner Stedman Graham where he talks about her cooking skills. Spoiler alert, her skills are awesome. Why wouldn’t they be? She’s Oprah, after all. It’s also jam-packed with recipes. We can almost hear her saying it now in that unmistakable Oprah voice, “YOU get a recipe, YOU get a recipe, you’re all getting RECIPES.”

Oprah is pictured on the front cover with Stedman, who gushes about her saying, “You’re a fantastic cook. You put a lot of love in the work you do, and it crosses over in to the food you make. Anything she cooks, I really enjoy eating and I appreciate it very much.” They are adorable!

This issue is packed with a few of Oprah’s personal recipes including Scrambled Eggs With Herbs And Cheese, Lemon Zest Pasta, O’ Mai Mai Juice and even one inspired by Stedman called the Love Sandwich (recipe below).

About her own cooking Oprah reveals herself to be an, “absolutely improvisational cook” who, “doesn’t like looking at recipes.” While not much is known about the new issue, the front cover promises, “Creamy, Crunchy, Sweet, and Savory Treats For Body And Spirit.” There’s even an article titled, “The Ultimate Cupcake.” With Oprah at the helm and her creative team behind her, we’re sure this issue will be filled with well-balanced recipes and gorgeous photos, guaranteed to fly off the stands.

In Oprah’s Here We Go column, she says, “For me, there’s nothing better than breaking bread with my nearest and dearest.” Evidently, the very nearest and dearest to Oprah get a Love Sandwich. Yum, she had us at melted cheese.


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