Treat Yourself Like You’d Treat Your Best Friend

woman thumbs upYou can continue to add to your list of positive characteristics and skills by being in tune to the things other people say about you. How often has someone tried to pay you a compliment and rather than thanking them for their kind words and recognition, you tell them they are wrong? Not only are you not accepting the compliment, but you are not accepting them or their opinion, and you are likely making it less likely for them to say such things to you again in the future.

If you are struggling with self-esteem, let those around you tell you those things that make you special. Often those closest to you have a more accurate view of you than you do. If you have a healthy support team, you will hear positive things about yourself, not negative. Teach yourself to say “Thank you” to every compliment!

Would you allow someone else to put your child or best friend down in front of you or him/her? Do not allow people to do the same to you. Most importantly, do not accept negative comments from yourself! We are often our own harshest critics. The thoughts you have about yourself directly effect your self-esteem.

Have you ever listened to the messages you give yourself, the things you say within your own head or even say about yourself to others? How much of what you say is positive and uplifting v. negative and defeating? No matter how supportive those around you are, you cannot escape yourself and you have the most impact on yourself, your feelings, and your self-assessment. If you were choosing a roommate, best-friend, or significant other, someone that would be around you frequently, you would want to choose someone who wasn’t saying negative things about you. Are you treating yourself as well as you would treat someone else? Start responding to the negative things you say to yourself like you would respond to someone you care about if you heard them say those same things about themselves.

Instead of thinking about how slowly you’re losing weight, remind yourself of how often you are working out and how you are drinking more water every day. Instead of focusing on all the tasks that need to be done, remind yourself of all that you have achieved and that you are capable of doing the rest in time. Instead of focusing on your height, consider your adorable nose. I would love to hear some positive messages that you use and could help others!

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