Why it’s OK to Celebrate Oreo’s 100th Birthday

Happy birthday to the Oreo cookie! There’s probably not an American kid around who hasn’t twisted, licked, dunked, and devoured. One of my favorite photos is of me at around two-years-old sitting on my dad’s lap dunking cookies in a shared glass of milk. He taught me to hold the cookie in the milk until it just starts to give way between your fingers and then drop it in your mouth. Important life lesson!

Look, these cookies are as processed as they come and don’t really have any redeeming qualities, other than tasting so darn good. But I, like so many, enjoy practicing a life of moderation. And that means that once or twice a year I’ll buy a small six-pack of Oreo cookies, fill a glass with skim milk, and share the treat with my husband.

That’s why I’m saying it’s OK to celebrate Oreo’s centennial.

A serving of classic Oreos is three cookies, and that’s got 161 calories. Skip something like the Triple Double Oreo, a fast-food lunch, a cocktail, or don’t skip your run and you can easily enjoy “America’s Favorite Sandwich Cookie.” I also prefer to dunk in skim milk rather than whole, which can save about 60 calories per serving.

If you actually sit down and enjoy each bite of each cookie, then you won’t have a need to keep reaching back in the bag and stuffing yourself with Oreos. Usually, a sweet tooth doesn’t need much to be satisfied. And if you eat slowly, your brain has time to say “hey! we’re good!”.

Oreos have recently become the centerpiece of some pretty crazy homemade desserts, from Oreo truffles to brownie-oreo-cookie cakes. We say, lay off of those and stick to the real deal if you’re going to indulge.

You could also try a few homemade Oreos. Anything homemade lets you control the ingredients and feel a little better about what you’re eating.

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