Work it Off: 3 Ways to Burn of the 230 Calories in 1/4 Cup of Chocolate-Covered Almonds

I’m not usually a big chocolate fan. Except for when I am. And then… look out! But let’s put this in context: I usually get a sugar craving in early afternoon. (I’m more of a lunch dessert person than a dinner dessert person.) Lately I’ve been buying dark chocolate covered almonds as my sweet treat. When the craving strikes I get up, grab a few, then get back to work. However, the other day I accidentally brought the whole container back to my desk. And, before I knew what had happened, I’d gone ahead and eaten about 3 times as many as usual.

almods chocolate

If I usually eat 4 chocolate-almonds, this time I ate 12. It was definitely a case of distracted eating—I was working at my computer paying a lot more attention to typing than to what and how much I was eating. I checked the back of the package and 1/4 cup weighs in at 230 calories. Oops.

How can a person burn off the 230 calories from around 12 chocolate covered almonds?

almonds rollerblade

For a quick fix I could have Rollerbladed for 15 minutes.


almonds walking

For a fun fix I could have walked at a brisk pace with a friend for 50 minutes.


almonds yoga

For a blissful fix I could have done yoga for 75 minutes.

I chose to walk with a friend—nothing beats exercising outside!

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